Angilee Shah

Angilee Shah

I'm formerly a senior editor for Global Nation, PRI's The World's coverage of immigration in the US. I started at PRI as the social media manager, helping integrate engagement into our editorial process. I've spent most of my career writing long pieces (for magazines) and short posts (on Twitter) about politics and culture. I've reported from across Asia, including China, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and on diverse cultures across the US, from Southern California to Minneapolis, where I am currently based.

In the world of longer reads, I am the co-editor of Chinese Characters (UC Press, 2012) and seven years as a consulting editor to the Journal of Asian Studies.

Recent Stories

We Can't Just Rely on Punishing Rapists as Criminals, Says Gender Justice Advocate

A New Delhi court on Friday handed down the death sentence to four men convicted of committing a brutal gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman in December. Dean Peacock, executive director of the South African organization Sonke Gender Justice, says that while calling for the death penalty is understandable in so gruesome a case, it is not the most effective deterrent to future violence against women.