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Global Politics

Translating the Health Care Debate

The truth about health care reform has been muddled with a lot of buzzwords, misnomers and outright fabrication. Art Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center of Bio-Ethics, joins The Takeaway to translate the debate into plain-speak.

Global Politics

Monitoring Afghan Elections

Amidst continued security problems, Afghanistan is preparing for Thursday's presidential election. Joining The Takeaway is Glenn Cowan, an international election observer for Democracy International, and Martin Patience of the BBC.

Global Politics

The Elderly on Health Care Reform

Older members of society are the biggest consumers of medical care, and they have been vocal participants in the health care reform debate. The Takeaway talks to 77-year old Trevor Hughes, who says the government should ?butt out' of the health care.

Conflict & Justice

Howard Dean's Second Opinion

President Obama is facing criticism from his own party because he might abandon a public option in the health care bill. Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean joins The Takeaway with his reasons for why the president should stand his ground.

Conflict & Justice

The Supreme Court Steps In

Many American inmates write to the Supreme Court begging for intercession on their cases. While the justices usually ignore these pleas, they intervened in the death row case of Troy Davis. Adam Liptak of The New York Times joins The Takeaway with more.

Health & Medicine

Schools Gear up for Swine Flu Season

Schools across the country are preparing to inoculate their students against the H1N1 virus. Joining The Takeaway for a look at the supply of and demands for the H1N1 vaccine is Dr. Maria Simbra, medical reporter for KDKA TV in Pittsburgh.

Global Politics

Mubarak Meets With Obama

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak makes his first visit to the U.S. in five years and is scheduled to meet President Obama. The Takeaway looks at the context and what to expect from the meeting with Julie Mason, reporter for The Washington Examiner.