Amulya Shankar


Amulya Shankar was a producer at The World.

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Why US immigration judges are leaving the bench in record numbers

The US immigration system is situated within the Department of Justice, a law enforcement agency. That's always been a problem, explains Judge Ashley Tabaddor. But under the Trump administration, immigration judges have faced "unprecedented micromanagement" — and it's causing many of them to resign or retire early.


Why Ethiopia erupted over a musician's killing

Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was a powerful political voice for the Oromo ethnic group. His death is just the latest in nearly a year of troubling developments in Ethiopia, and has become a rallying cry for the opposition to speak out against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.


Wajahat Ali on maintaining one's faith through crises

Wajahat Ali is a writer and lawyer whose Islamic faith was tested last year when he learned his 3-year-old daughter had liver cancer. He tells The World's host Marco Werman what his family's journey taught them about living through great challenges — and maintaining one's faith.