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A collection of PRI podcasts that views life from many different angles because diverse perspectives provide a more complete and clear picture of the world.

Sarah and her many characters talk to fun guests about everything from creativity to the times we’re living in, and coming together across differences.
Hosted by: Sarah Jones

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What would the news sound like if media were diverse? Listen to what you're missing -- with Otherhood, a PRI podcast created and hosted by Rupa Shenoy.
Hosted by: Rupa Shenoy

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Undiscovered tells the stories of the left turns and false starts that make science happen.

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A program that crosses borders and time zones to bring home the stories that matter.
Hosted by: Marco Werman

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The Takeaway leads a daily conversation on air and online with a national audience around the news and issues that matter most.
Hosted by:

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It's brain fun, for curious people. Science, technology, and other cool stuff.
Hosted by: Ira Flatow

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Public radio's smart and surprising guide to what's happening in pop culture and the arts.
Hosted by: Kurt Andersen

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Ideas, Trends & Twists Shaping the 21st Century.
Hosted by: Mary Kay Magistad

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A unique blend of news and newsmakers with a high-energy exchange of views, information, and insight.
Hosted by: Tavis Smiley

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PRI content can be heard on almost 900 stations across the country. To find a specific program, check out our Program Finder to find a specific program you have in mind and when it airs in your area.

Live stream

You can listen to PRI content on the PRI live stream. The PRI live stream is devoted to constantly playing a variety of shows for our listeners; which includes popular programs like PRI's The World®, The Takeaway, Q, Studio 360®, and more. View the full program schedule here. Hourly newscasts provided by Feature Story News


PRI's podcasts allow you to hear our content on-the-go and on your schedule. A variety of our content is available for download as podcasts. You can take a look at our Podcasts by Program page to subscribe to your favorite show or visit PRI's podcast page in iTunes. Also check out PRI's podcast network, SoundWorks, on the SoundWorks page. 

Mobile apps

Listen to your favorite shows on-the-go, at any time with PRI mobile apps, available for both iPhone and Android. PRI mobile apps allow you access to live shows as well as on-demand programs including, PRI's The World®, The Takeaway, and Studio 360®, from your mobile device.


Other applications


Experience PRI through multimedia on the Flipboard app for for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablet devices. Flipboard is an application that functions like a magazine, allowing you to read stories featured on PRI programs and listen to the companion audio. Download Flipboard for your mobile device and follow our channel to keep up with the latest from PRI. The app also has a feature that lets you highlight our text and audio stories in your own Flipboard custom magazine. 


Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand is a digital newsstand designed to help you keep up on news that matters to you. You can experience PRI on Google Play Newsstand for Android smartphones and tablet devices and Google Currents for iPhone and iPad. With this app, you can read stories and listen to the PRI audio that goes along with each story. Download it for your mobile device and add the PRI channel to your favorites list for quick listening.


Use Stitcher, an on-demand internet radio service, to subscribe to all of PRI's podcast feeds and hear the latest news through Stitcher's smart radio app for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablet devices. PRI's The World®, The Takeaway, and Studio 360® can be found on Stitcher online, or on the Stitcher app. You can also add us to your favorites liste and create your own PRI smart channel.



TuneIn is an app that lets people listen to their favorite radio station from podcasts or by streaming live radio. PRI content can be found on TuneIn podcasts on-demand and live local radio streams. The TuneIn Radio app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices. You can download the TuneIn radio app to listen to your favorite PRI programs.