Full story - March 29, 2016
An illustration picture shows the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign in Frankfurt, September 15, 2014.
On the same day that Uber launched in Mombasa, an Uber taxi in the capital Nairobi was set on fire. This was the second Uber taxi torched in the city in a matter of weeks.
Full story - March 29, 2016
Cambodian sex workers wait for customers at a public park in Phnom Penh on July 20, 2010.
Most sex workers in Cambodia, Hoefinger says, are not trapped by brothel overlords. They’re instead trapped in a shattered economy where alternative options include back-breaking toil in the field or stitching jeans for export to America.
Full story - March 28, 2016
Burundi refugee camp
Once again, Burundi is spiraling toward civil war.
Full story - March 28, 2016
Shabnam, a surrogate mother, has an ultrasound at Patel's clinic in Anand, in the western Indian state of Gujarat on March 4, 2009.
Developing nations are getting tired of renting women's bodies to Westerners.
Ianka Mikaelle Barbosa, 18, with Sophia, 18 days old, who was born with microcephaly, at her home in Campina Grande, Brazil.
As Zika spreads, a Brazilian lawmaker is pushing for harsher jail sentences for abortions in cases of microcephaly.
Full story - March 24, 2016
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks during a news conference in Sydney on Feb. 19, 2016.
Struggling to distance himself from his ousted predecessor Tony Abbott while at the same time appeasing his critics within the conservative government, Turnbull began using the phrase “continuity and change” this week to describe his administration.
Full story - March 24, 2016
The Rolling Stones in San Diego, California on May 24, 2015.
“It’s going to be an explosion, emotionally. I’m curious about how everyone’s going to behave when we see these symbols of the forbidden in front of us at last.”
Full story - March 20, 2016
A police officer
Over the past five years, several Chinese judges have found themselves killed by people dissatisfied by the justice meted out in the courtroom.
Full story - March 19, 2016
These photos of models in situations that resemble violence from terrorism are raising serious questions.
Peruvian fashion photographer Rodrigo Diaz had models pose like the victims of terrorist attacks. For some reason, though, he didn't expect to get such a negative reaction.
Full story - March 16, 2016
Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, right, his wife, left, and incumbent Dilma Rousseff wave from the window of his home in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, March 5.
A judge has stopped, for now, a drive by Brazil's former president to serve as chief of staff to his successor. Protests also broke out against the plan.