Full story - April 19, 2016
Kumamoto relief center
What it's been like living in one of Kumamoto's volunteer-run shelters after a series of earthquakes hit Japan.
Full story - April 18, 2016
Brazilians in favor of impeaching President Dilma Rousseff cheered with each vote in favor in the lower house of Congress in Brazil on April 17.
Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. And yet, winners and losers are not so clearly defined in this political crisis.
Full story - April 15, 2016
Germany asylum seekers
Europe's biggest destination saw a sharp drop in the number of new arrivals, but asylum claims keep piling up.
Full story - April 15, 2016
Children in the Burkina Faso village of Dori start gold mining from the age of 7.
From as young as 7, kids dig for bits of gold in makeshift mines and are exposed to dangerous mercury. That's where soccer comes in.
Full story - April 14, 2016
A customer enters an Apple store on its opening day at Covent Garden in London on August 7, 2010.
A new Oxfam report says the US is losing $100 billion every year in tax revenue, as the nation’s biggest companies shelter massive profits from the IRS.
Full story - April 14, 2016
Teenage students look up lyrics to 1980s Brazilian punk tunes in sing-alongs at this occupied Rio de Janeiro high school.
Struggling Rio de Janeiro state had to lay off security guards, making it easier for these high-schoolers to take over and demand a better education system.
Full story - April 12, 2016
Congressional committee members celebrate after voting to go ahead with impeachment proceedings against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff at the National Congress in Brasilia on April 11.
One look at Brazil's Congress, and you might wonder who’s in worse trouble.
Full story - April 11, 2016
Oktoberfest waitresses celebrate the end of the world's biggest beer festival.
The Nanny State Index reveals some countries come down extra hard on some of humanity's favorite vices.
Full story - April 08, 2016
Peru's leading presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori revs up supporters during her closing campaign rally in Lima on April 7.
Keiko Fujimori won the most votes in Sunday's election but she faces a tough second-round vote.
Full story - April 07, 2016
Lipstick on display at MAC in Paris.
A summer camp gives young girls makeup and fashion tips. Some Canadians are definitely not cool with that.