Full story - February 14, 2019
A hand holds a smart phone.
There's a diplomatic elephant on the Korean peninsula: President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is doling blows to South Korea’s already-struggling economy — and that’s pretty much the opposite of what “allies” are supposed to do.
Full story - January 27, 2019
Macron hugs Merkel.
With political turmoil in Europe, political gestures of commitment go a long way. Last month, Europe’s two largest countries, Germany and France, promised closer foreign affairs and defense cooperation in what's known as the Treaty of Aachen. But is this a good match?
Full story - January 25, 2019
A Vietnamese Australian woman with long hair and glasses stands with her arms crossed in front of her on the street.
Vietnamese, Sudanese and South Sudanese communities have lived in Melbourne, Australia, for decades and often face racism and discrimination. With the rise of white supremacy in recent years, Indigenous and immigrant communities have united to denounce a false "race wars" narrative.
Full story - January 24, 2019
People link arms in a human chain and pull each other across a river
The US’s “remain” policy is a drastic remaking of the immigration system and could trap thousands of migrants in dangerous border towns. At the same time, Mexican officials plan to end a fledgling humanitarian visa program that it just scaled up this month.
Full story - January 24, 2019
Kenyan security in uniform raises hand to clear the area.
While a lot of attention has been paid to the ideological underpinnings of extremist groups like al-Shabab, the new attack in Nairobi shows how increasingly local factors like poverty are driving the growth of extremism in East Africa.
Full story - March 20, 2019
These Palestinian vegans struggle against Israeli occupation in the West Bank through animal rights and food activism.
Full story - January 17, 2019
Protesters carry a hand-painted sign.
After separate attacks on a prominent political opposition leader and a journalist in Serbia, thousands are taking to the streets to protest an increasingly authoritarian government under President Aleksander Vučić.
Full story - January 16, 2019
A Syrian national flag flutters next to ISIS slogan
The Trump administration has doubled down on its message of an ISIS defeat, but analysts agree that a full withdrawal of US troops from Syria will prove harmful to US interests in Syria and Iraq, leading to further instability and a potential resurgence of ISIS. 
Full story - January 14, 2019
A young woman with dark hair gives the peace sign inside a prison.
Adriana Cómbita, 27, sees herself as part of a new generation of peacemakers who are enlisting ex-combatants, both FARC and ex-paramilitary, to their movement. Her workshops in prisons coincide with Colombia’s new judicial process that encourages those charged with war crimes to confess everything in exchange for lighter sentences. 
Full story - January 10, 2019
Close up of a woman wearing a head scarf in a church near a gold cross.
Ukrainians celebrate church independence, but the blessing from Istanbul deepens the tension and conflict with Russia.