Full story - March 11, 2019
A woman crouches down and scrubs a large Persian rug in the desert.
Abandoned refugees at the Rukban settlement on the Syrian-Jordanian border are desperate for aid, but a geopolitical standoff has made it nearly impossible — and conditions are only getting worse.
Full story - March 05, 2019
Red stencil of eyes on a turquoise blue background.
As Juan Guaidó and Nicolás Maduro continue to vie for power in Venezuela, former and current Chavistas struggle to make sense of the legacy of the Bolivarian Revolution. 
Full story - March 08, 2019
Chavela Vargas
The bohemian Vargas, named Isabel Vargas Lizano at birth, was famous for her unique delivery of traditional, Mexican ranchera music.
Full story - March 01, 2019
Shadow of patrolmen along slated wall at US border.
As of Feb. 21, Mexico had accepted 112 Central American asylum-seekers from the US, including 25 minors, according to Tonatiuh Guillén, head of Mexico’s immigration agency.
Full story - February 26, 2019
A group of protesters wear yellow scarves and hold blue signs.
The Vietnam summit on Feb. 27 and 28 is expected to yield key moves regarding denuclearization, international sanctions against Pyongyang and a possible declaration ending the Korean War. Yet, many South Koreans seem apathetic at best.
Full story - February 24, 2019
Chaos and stone throwing at the border.
The aid the volunteers hoped to carry over the bridges has become a flashpoint in Venezuela’s political crisis. But the humanitarian aid plan was fraught with complications from the very beginning. 
Full story - February 20, 2019
A boy in a blur running.
The film’s name, which references a biblical village, has come to mean “chaos,” but it also carried the connotation of miracles — both of which have appeared in the young star's life.
Full story - February 15, 2019
Men sit around a table.
As the US pulls troops out of Syria, neighboring Lebanon, with its history of sectarian politics, struggles to find national unity in its approach to the ongoing refugee crisis created as the result of seven years of war.
Full story - February 12, 2019
A strip of closed offices and empty sidewalk with a single woman waiting for offices to open.
The government of Zimbabwe shut down the internet last month to quell dissent. But the move cost the nation $5.7 million per day and set Zimbabwe's growing "technopreneur" business back during the blackout.
Full story - February 07, 2019
The harsh conditions and increasingly unpredictable weather in the Guatemalan highlands are putting added stress on poor families and pushing up migration in an area where locals estimate nearly half of the 250 households have already seen someone leave.