Full story - December 05, 2015
Behind the possible impeachment of Brazil's president
EXPLAINER: Why the impeachment facing Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff actually may be good for Brazil. But will it affect the 2016 Olympics?
Full story - December 04, 2015
China's Hollywood influence
Even China's state media criticized the unctuous, hammy scene in the version of "Iron Man 3" shown in China, in which a Chinese doctor calls the hero's robot assistant and says, "Tony doesn't have to do this alone... China can help." That scene did not appear elsewhere.
Full story - December 04, 2015
Hitler movie popular in Europe
Of all the movies to climb the charts here, an Adolf Hitler spoof might seem the least likely option.
Full story - November 30, 2015
Preparing an ayahuasca brew in La Calera, Colombia.
It's brewed from rainforest plants and vines. Supporters say it has healing properties. It's also illegal,
Full story - November 30, 2015
A shot of an ancient neighborhood in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, taken long before Saudi Arabia's invasion.
More than 2,600 civilians have been killed in the civil war in Yemen, most from air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition backed by the US. Global Post reporter Sharif Abdel Kouddous is just back from Yemen, and tells the story of one air strike that targeted a home where a wedding was taking place.
Full story - November 28, 2015
Robert L. Dear
Police are still investigating Friday's attack on a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colo., but they say Robert Dear is responsible. If that's the case, it represents just the latest example of a white male being behind a mass shooting.
Full story - November 23, 2015
An aerial shot of Prey Lang Forest in Cambodia
In 2004, 34 men, women and children stepped out of a forest in southern Laos. They had never seen cars, telephones or television, and believed that they were refugees from a war engulfing their native Cambodia. They did not know that the war they were fleeing had in fact ended — a full 25 years earlier. Journalist Corinne Purtill traveled to Cambodia to learn about their life on the run.
Full story - November 19, 2015
Long wait for equal pay
The World Economic Forum says it will take a few more generations to close the global gender pay gap.
Full story - November 19, 2015
Burma's new meth is named after pro-democracy heroes
How the country's most famous uprising became a brand name for its go-to drug: Smokable candy pink meth/caffeine pills that look like Skittles.
Full story - November 17, 2015
Brazil protest
Brazil had the highest rate of female homicides per 100,000 people out of 30 countries measured in 2013. These infographics illustrate the shocking statistics.