Young Lebanon

Lebanon is grappling with a variety of political and economic difficulties. But kids don't necessarily take the situation they're born into for granted. Meet the five young people coming of age in Beirut who will be profiled in Young Lebanon.
The World: The young future of Lebanon on YouTube

Karen and her family once lived a happy life in Aleppo, Syria. But when the civil war arrived in their city, they fled to Lebanon in the middle of the night with little more than a few suitcases, and their two-week stay has now lasted two years.


Young Lebanese activist joins us on Facebook

Ryan and Noor are best friends. In Lebanon, they are an unlikely match. Ryan belongs to a religious sect called the Druze, and Noor is a Sunni Muslim. Wednesday, Noor joins us in on Facebook to answer your questions about her work imagining a better future for her country.

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