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Trump administration proposes more hurdles for asylum-seekers; Amazon halts police use of facial recognition technology

The Trump administration is proposing an overhaul of the asylum system that would make it much harder for applicants to win protection in the US. And, Amazon said Wednesday it plans to halt sales of its facial recognition software to police for a year. Also, on Wednesday, Brazil's most populous state, São Paulo, reported a record number of COVID-19 deaths for the second day running.

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Experts update predictions on economic crisis; Iraqi protesters are regrouping; Saving a trove of Viking artifacts

The economic fallout of the novel coronavirus pandemic will have wide-ranging consequences. In Southeast Asia, some fear it will increase trafficking and forced labor. Iraqi protesters are regrouping, even as the pandemic has hampered street demonstrations. And for many immigrants' families worldwide, remittences are a lifeline. Those payments are expected to plummet. A frozen pass in Norway holds secrets of the Viking era. Plus, this sourdough library is a quarantine baker's dream.