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Police reform requires culture change, not just diversity, advocates say

As demonstrations against police brutality and racism continue in the US and in other parts of the world, people who work with police departments to address biases and build ties with communities of color are questioning the effectiveness of their work. The World looks at the San Jose Police Department, which, despite its diversity, was criticized for its response to recent protests.

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Trump announces new visa restrictions; Saudi Arabia planning only a limited Hajj; White House trade adviser walks back comments

US President Donald Trump temporarily suspended the issuance of new work visas for certain foreign workers on Monday, a move widely opposed by business groups. And, Saudi Arabia said it plans to allow only a limited Hajj this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the German region of Guetersloh in the northwest of the country was put under lockdown as the number of coronavirus cases surged past 1,000 following an outbreak at a meatpacking plant.

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The global implications of Geoffrey Berman firing; US and Russia start nuclear weapons talks; US targets Assad govt and backers with sanctions

Shares in Turkish state lender Halkbank surged 8% today after US federal chief prosecutor Geoffrey Berman was forced to step down over the weekend. Also, Wirecard said on Monday that $2.1 billion is missing from its accounts and was likely never there. And, representatives from the US and Russia started nuclear weapons talks today in Vienna.