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Fuel from thin air

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Dr. F. Jeffrey Martin talks with host Steve Curwood about capturing carbon dioxide from the air to make gasoline.


Healthy food

Some scientists say the best place to grow the next generation of pharmaceutical drugs is within food crops. Living on Earth's Helen Palmer talks with Steve Curwood on recent scientific advancements in all things food and pharma.


The new black

Faith talks to Washington Post reporter Rick Weiss about the recent discovery of a new paper-thin material that is the blackest substance ever created.


World War I Blogger

The World's Clark Boyd has an update on a blog that posts letters written by a soldier during World War One; the letters are posted by the soldier's grandson exactly 90 years after each was written.


World's first zero carbon city

The United Arab Emirates have the dubious honor of having the world's highest per capita carbon footprint, and that's why the government in Abu Dhabi has plans to build the globe's first "Zero Carbon City�


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