Emerging Brazil

A series by Jason Margolis

In 2013, The World's Jason Margolis set out on a two-week reporting trip to Brazil to explore a central theme: As Brazil’s economy has boomed over the past decade, how has this new wealth translated into quality of life improvements for the typical Brazilian? And how has this economic growth changed Brazilian society, in terms of gender equity, gay rights, or infrastructure improvements? To tackle some of these questions, Margolis focused on Brazil’s two largest, and economically important, cities: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and their surrounding environs.


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The revolving door of expat Brazilians

When the US economy took a nosedive five years ago, Brazil's economy hardly skipped a beat. With the economic shift in fortunes, migration patterns between the countries have shifted as well. But as The World's Jason Margolis found out, not very cleanly.

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The Tribes of Rio's Ipanema Beach

Being gay in Brazil has long been something of a paradox. Gay culture is openly celebrated at events like Rio’s Carnival. But being gay can bring taunting and ostracism. There’s one place though where it’s okay to be openly gay: the beach. Or, at least certain areas of the beach. Here’s an audio postcard about Rio’s so-called “tribes” from its famous Ipanema beach.

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