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Trump ends special status for Hong Kong; Sculpture of a Black protester erected in Bristol; Biden outlines climate plan

President Donald Trump announced an end to Hong Kong's special status under US law on Tuesday. Also, a sculpture of a Black protester with her fist raised was erected overnight in Bristol, England, in place of the toppled statue of the 17th century English slave trader Edward Colston. And, former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the US presidential race, outlined a $2 trillion climate plan.


Washington NFL team retires racial slur from its name and logo

It’s a demand that Indigenous activists have been demanding for years. But it may be too early to call it a victory. “...Until we actually see what that replacement is, I think it’s probably too early to celebrate," said Tristan Ahtone, president of the Native American Journalists Association. "The team still could come back with native-themed imagery."