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Smiley: Democrats now have a 'soft spot' for Comey? Are you kidding?

At the risk of sounding disinterested or unconcerned about yet another bizarre and brazen act by President Donald Trump, which raises myriad questions about his motivations, particularly as it relates to the investigation about the role Russia may have played in our presidential elections, good riddance to James Comey. Trump’s flagrant and foul dismissal, notwithstanding, Comey should have taken a seat, several seats, a while ago.

Arts, Culture & Media

In Moldova, speaking the wrong language once had serious consequences

This week, The World in Words podcast visits the Moldova Authentic Restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts. Patrick Cox and Nina Porzucki talk with restaurant owners Artur and Sandra Andronic about their mother tongue. Also, what happens if you put a group of monolingual speakers of different languages on a deserted island? Linguist Derek Bickerton was determined to find out.