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Dozens of domestic workers have been stranded in Lebanon since last week's blast. Many have lost their jobs and homes. They say they have no money for plane tickets back to their countries. The coronavirus pandemic has made the situation even more complicated.

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This week's federal election in Belarus reinstated the country's incumbent leader Alexander Lukashenko in a landslide, but it's widely believed the election was rigged, and mass protests and violent government crackdowns have followed. And, as many Indian Americans express excitement at the first major party ticket with an Indian background, some are saying the Biden-Harris ticket could do better on its position toward India. Also, the US Census Bureau confronted a logistical nightmare before the pandemic. And now that it’s ending its count one month early, the likelihood of undercounting of groups including Black, Latino, Asian and Indigenous populations has grown exponentially.

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Numerous efforts to suppress Latinos and black voters are underway across the country — particularly as white Americans make up a declining share of the US electorate. And with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting this election cycle, advocacy groups worry it could get worse. 


After spending almost his entire adult life in a cell, Chanthon Bun was released from prison July 1 and expected to be put in ICE custody for potential deportation. But ICE agents never showed up — and it may be due to a public campaign to keep immigrants out of ICE detention during the coronavirus pandemic.


The path to victory in the US presidential election in November cannot afford to ignore the Latino vote. But Latinas' voting power goes beyond their individual votes: They’re likely to encourage friends and family to vote, too.

Maha al-Mutairi filmed herself after being called in to the police station for being an openly transgender woman in Kuwait, where “imitating the opposite sex” is illegal. Her message went viral, and sparked a groundswell of support and attention for the LGBTQ community in the country.

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