Her Planet

Half the world — making things right. Follow along and join the #HerPlanet conversation on social media.

Owning It

Women mean business — in Africa and beyond. Follow along and join the #OwningIt conversation about women and economic power on social media.

Business, Finance & Economics

In one of Africa's largest slums, these girls saved to solve a problem

Dozens of young people in the Kibera district of Nairobi have joined a savings club called Mashujaa, which means "heroes" in Swahili. Each member may only contribute a few pennies a day, but it adds up. And it allows the members to make big expenditures that might be out of reach. The deal is, they have to get the whole group's consent first.

Her Rights

A new generation of women fights for civil rights at home — and around the globe. Follow along and join the #HerRights conversation on social media.

Stories from the front lines of gender and power

Follow Across Women's Lives on the radio, web and social media. Add your experience to our coverage.

Science, Tech & Environment

After the floods come the human traffickers, but these girls are fighting back

India's low-lying Sundarbans are rife with human trafficking as the effects of climate change leave families poor and vulnerable. But a new program from Save the Children India is helping kids band together to ward off traffickers, while also getting them to stay in school. Even if it means they also learn to roll cigarettes to support their families.

Teach Her

Women learning, teaching, changing the world. Follow along and join the #TeachHer conversation on social media.

Development & Education

A subject so taboo that rural Indians only use its initials

How do you teach girls about something so taboo that no one — not even their mothers — will discuss? In traditional, rural India, instructors use games, films, and conversation to help female students understand what's going on with their bodies, especially menstruation. And that knowledge can be the start of other changes in how they see their roles in school and beyond.

Body Politics

The struggle for access to reproductive rights

For women, South Africa's struggle continues

Stories of the women who are building post-apartheid South Africa.

Voices from the sex industry

Our documentary series on sex trafficking and sex work in Thailand and the US.

Conflict & Justice

The darker side of Thailand's sex industry: trafficking underage girls

In Thailand's underage sex industry, the word "trafficking" as we know it in the West, doesn't get used much. The phrase "buying and selling" is more common. But however you describe it, the practice of taking underage girls from their homes in the north and forcing them into the sex industry in Chiang Mai (and beyond) hasn't gone away.

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