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'King's Song' Not Fit for a King?


Musicians recording "King's Song."

For the Geo Quiz Tuesday, we are going to test your knowledge of royalty.

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Can you name the country where Crown-Prince Willem and Princess Maxima will soon become king and queen?

The celebrations get underway next week.

The inauguration committee commissioned a song called "King's Song" to mark the ascent to the throne.

But tens of thousands of people have signed an online petition saying they don't like the song. Many are threatening to leave this low-lying country if it's used in the ceremony to honor what will be the country's first king in more than a century.

There's no word yet from the 75-year-old abdicating Queen Beatrix about the rap lyrics in the song or all the complaints.

The "King's Song" was written for an inauguration of a new king.

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander is set to become the next King of the Netherlands, the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Dutch journalist Jans Roos says the "King's Song" is not very popular.

Have a listen and decide for yourself. Add your thoughts about the song in the comments below.