The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island.
There have been a record 18 deaths and zero births of the species over the past year.
When Manny and Roz de Lizarriturri moved from the Philadelphia area to Pueblo, Colorado, their electricity bills jumped 30 to 40 percent. So, the couple installed solar panels.
Residents in Pueblo, Colorado are engaged in a fight with their utility company, tired of paying among the highest electricity rates in the state. The city is looking into becoming its own utility — one powered by 100 percent renewable energy — a noble goal to lower rates and combat climate change.
Frozen ice Bering Sea
Temperatures in Alaska on Tuesday were as high as 45 degrees above average.
Subsistence hunter Dennis Davis sends his drone out over the ice on the Chukchi Sea in Shishmaref in far-western Alaska. Warming winters have made the sea ice here more dangerous to navigate in search of seals and walruses, but drones can help map the bes
Alaska is warming up roughly twice as fast as the rest of the US and that means big new challenges for Native communities that rely on hunting for survival. Hunters are trying to adapt by changing both how and what they hunt.
Fisherman Steve Barratt says the area just offshore of the English port of Ramsgate was a prime fishing ground until a wind farm was built there a few years ago. Now he says he has to steam for three hours to get a good catch, almost all the way to the Ne
A big push into offshore wind power in the UK is pushing down the cost of the low-carbon energy source, but fishermen say it's also harming fish populations. Scientists say they're not so sure.
First US offshore wind turbine
Europe's investments in offshore wind have fueled better technology, more competition and cheaper capital for new projects. That's driven down the cost of offshore power and now the US is capitalizing on the savings.
"It sounded a load of rubbish" is how Grimsby port chief Martin Boyers remembers reacting to a plan to create a maintenance hub for new offshore wind farms in the depressed city. “I didn’t know anything about renewables."
The UK's big push into offshore wind power is bringing down the cost of the low-carbon energy sources, and bringing new life to some down-on-their-luck English ports.
Port Operations head Barry Denness stands in front of massive, newly-minted wind turbine blades at Siemens's new plant in Hull, UK. “(They're) in service for 25 years in the North Sea, not the most hospitable of conditions," he says. "Hence the reason why
Offshore wind has gotten way cheaper in the UK, thanks to technological innovations and government subsidies. That's always been the plan.
Kim Høegh-Dam is the founder of Iluliaq Seafood A/S.
As the waters warm, the fishermen are catching more fish, and more varieties of fish, than before.
Elvira Mauricia Diaz standing center with her family against a stone wall backdrop.
When the weather changed and kids became malnourished, one Guatemalan indigenous community made big changes. And they seem to be working.