Flor Bautista holds her daughter Camila in her arms, both looking directly at camera.
A cough that has lasted months, fevers and diarrhea that keeps coming back. Small children are still suffering months after extreme weather lead to flooding in a small Peruvian town. Is climate change to blame?
Server farm in Iceland
Bitcoin's energy draw is probably somewhere between Google's and Bulgaria's.
Couple in a boat in flood waters
Two independent groups of researchers have found that between 15 and 38 percent of Harvey’s rainfall was likely caused by climate change.
A hill of coal sits under a shelter at the Prosper-Haniel coal mine. The mine is closing after 150 years.
Germany is shutting down the last of its underground coal mines next year, and the the way it's handling the end of this once-dominant industry could be a model for the US and other countries.
Satellite Beach has rejected the anything-goes approach of much of Florida, and the city wants its new boutique hotel to be a model for environmentally responsible development. But is even one new building in this region one too many?
A small Florida community wants to build the greenest, most climate change-resilient hotel around. But some say the only way to built in a climate-friendly way there is not to build at all.
US President Donald Trump displays an executive order
Trump shrunk the size of Bears Ears National Monument by more than 80 percent and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by roughly 45 percent by signing two presidential proclamations.
Houses in this Florida neighborhood are perched at the edge of a rapidly-eroding part of the town of Satellite Beach. The town is one of the few in the state that's investing in a major plan to shore itself up against the rising seas and stronger storms b
In a state facing facing big challenges from climate change, but where few are facing up to the problem, the small city of Satellite Beach stands out for its aggressive moves to stay ahead of rising seas. But the efforts highlight the limits of what one town can do.
From ‘Dark Fang #1’ ©2017 by Miles Gunter and Kelsey Shannon
The new comic series Dark Fang pits a sexy vampire against polluters. The sexy part is readily apparent. But the plot promises to break some new ground for the Adult Comics genre.
Graduation celebrations at Harvard
A professor's spreadsheet has been showing students what it would take to wean our economy off carbon for 10 years. “It’s not about pessimism, it’s about realism,” he says.
Sámi renideer herder Reiulf Aleksandersen and his son build a fence for gathering their herd on Rooksavardi, or Red Mountain, in far northern Norway.
Sámi reindeer-herding families in northern Scandinavia are being hit hard by the impacts of climate change. But some may also suffer from an effort to help address climate change — a big wind farm, being built right through their herding grounds.