A ship carrying tourists plies the waters off Antarctica.
Every trip to Antarctica inspires awe and concern for the fragile frozen continent. But every trip also contributes to the global warming that's eating away at the place. So is it better to visit Antarctica, or stay away?
Máxima Acuña-Atalaya de Chaupe
Máxima Acuña-Atalaya de Chaupe has waged a years-long battle against Newmont Mining to try and retain her farm — and stop a new open pit mine.
Because of renewable energy sources, Wolfhagen, Germany, with 14,000 inhabitants, is able to generate about 106 percent of the its electricity needs throughout the year. The surplus is sold to neighborhing communities, and the Wolfhagen's residents receiv
Wolfhagen, Germany has embraced Germany's push to get rid of most fossil fuels and use 100 percent green energy instead — ahead of almost everyone else in the country.
Workers install panels at a solar farm built by Cypress Creek Renewables in Laurinburg, North Carolina. The company has cancelled projects in 10 states since new tariffs were implemented.
Back in January, the Trump administration imposed tariffs of 30 percent on imported solar panels and modules. It was aimed at Chinese and Asian imports.
The “Copenhagen Wheel” is designed to help give riders a boost up steep hills like in San Francisco. Cyclists still have to pedal to get the extra thrust.
There’s a growing trend in cycling today: electric bicycles. We’re not talking about less powerful motorcycles. These are bikes that have small motors to give you a little extra thrust as you pedal.
Two men brewing with bread
Toast Ale has been making beer out of surplus bread for two years. Now the British beer-maker is trying to get other breweries in on the game.
Thwaites Glacier
A new five-year US and British research project hopes to give policy makers a better sense of how much west Antarctica will drive rising seas.
A humpback whale surfacing from the water surrounded by seagulls
What's the meaning of all those howls and growls? Is it language? This week on the podcast, NOVA's Ari Daniel explores how three species communicate.
Yard in front of St. Paul's Cathedral
Open spaces in greater London’s historic core have been protected since Victorian times.
It's still not the norm at restaurants in Paris to ask for a doggy bag. But the French government wants to change that.
In France, a restaurant meal is considered something to be experienced under the watchful eye of the chef. So there's no tradition of taking home leftovers. But the French government would like to change that to reduce food waste.