Woman in front of house
The Dutch are the world’s experts at living with water. They’re helping vulnerable Norfolk, Va., tackle its sea-level rise problem head-on.
The biggest mobile barrier in the world, the Maeslant storm surge barrier was built to protect the Dutch city of Rotterdam from a one-in-10,000-year storm. It's part of the massive investment the Dutch are making to protect themselves in a new era of risi
When it comes to preparing for sea-level rise in coastal cities, the Dutch have a big head start on the rest of the world. And their best array of tools may be on display in and around the port city of Rotterdam.
Climate Central's Risk Zone map shows possible coastal flooding throughout the world.
Sea levels are rising and coastal flooding is real. Use this tool to see how your city will look as the seas rise.
Coconut palms in Goa
When is a tree not a tree? When it’s a coconut palm in the Indian state of Goa.
Garbage piles up in a riverbed near Beirut in late 2015. The region's almost year-long trash crisis prompted a political crisis, but also the emergence of nascent recycling programs.
Household recycling was virtually unknown in Lebanon until Beirut's trash crisis began last year. That's when the region's only landfill shut down, people started dumping trash wherever they could, and one activist saw an opportunity for people to think differently about their waste.
Barges are moored together near the Eiffel Tower
In France, the rain is causing major problems. But ongoing strikes may be an ever bigger problem.
A tiger yawns before officials start moving them from Thailand's controversial Tiger Temple, a popular tourist destination run by Buddhist monks. It has come under fire in recent years over the welfare of its big cats in Kanchanaburi province, west of Ban
The operation to remove tigers from a notorious temple run by Buddhist monks is ongoing, and the grim discoveries are piling up.
A pile of printer parts dusted with toners like carbon black, a probable carcinogen known to cause respiratory problems.
A new investigation finds that toxic electronic waste from the US is still being shipped to unsafe recyclers and dumps overseas, despite efforts to clean up the industry. Ken Christensen reports from Hong Kong.
An aerial view of a section of deforested Amazon forest turned into farmland near the city of Alta Floresta, Para state in June 2013.
The new guys in charge of Brazil describe themselves as great for business interests — as for the environment, campaigners say not so much.
Barra da Tijuca beach a stinking mess on May 4 — and this was long after cleanup began.
Top pro surfer Adrian “Ace” Buchan says he and a dozen others became very sick after competing in these waters.