Headline reads, "How can a seal track climate change?" with an animated elephant seal
Scientists are using deep-diving seals to measure a band of warm water in Antarctica that is melting glaciers.
New Orleans native Jack Gilmore brought spicy hometown dishes like étouffée and gumbo to the menu aboard a scientific research ship. But he also learned what the warming of Antarctica might mean for his beloved city.
Linda Garcia, Goldman Prize winner
When a major export terminal project threatened to bring 360,000 gallons of crude oil per day through the Fruit Valley neighborhood of Vancouver, Washington, along the Columbia River, Linda Garcia led a long fight against the project.
a village in turkey that is about to be flooded
Archeologists believe that Hasankeyf, Turkey's history began 11,000 years ago. Today, a dam reservoir will soon place the town deep underwater.
This is hardly what Americans envision when they drop off glitchy laptops or broken printers at their local recycling drop-off center. Yet, what fuels these Southeast Asian scrapyards is junk from afar — typically more affluent places such as Europe, Australia and the US.
Drone footage
Oceanographer Anna Wåhlin brought an autonomous submarine aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer. It traveled underneath Thwaites to map the seafloor below.
Multiple white windmills dot the blue ocean.
Finding more sources of renewable energy will be critical to battle climate change. In northern Europe, they’re harnessing the ocean winds offshore. Some in Massachusetts are looking to replicate that with some help from across the Atlantic.
Buildings shrouded in smog with a red orb in the sky
Pollution levels have been deemed potentially harmful to human health in Mexico city as officials order school closures in an extraordinary step.
The eastern ice tongue of Thwaites Glacier is shown rising out of deep blue ocean waters.
How quickly will Antarctica’s massive Thwaites Glacier melt, and what will that mean for global sea levels and coastal cities? Researchers recently spent several weeks studying Thwaites as part of a five-year, international effort to try to answer those pressing questions.
Burger King patrons in St. Louis were greeted by a somewhat confusing menu: A Whopper with no beef.
The Whopper is an icon of American culture. But the Whopper is getting a complete overhaul. And when we say complete, we literally mean complete.