A man speaks with a Shell oil yellow shell logo behind him
Shell oil says it will leave the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers lobbying group in 2020 over a "material misalignment" of climate policy. It's just the first step, says one climate activist.
Hiroshima target map
Years before she was born, Nakatani Etsuko's father was poisoned by radiation from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. More than 70 years later, she still worries that she might get sick, too, and she wants the Japanese government to help.
The front of the Nathaniel B. Palmer ship is shown at the bottom of the photo breaking through ice floes.
The researchers aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer are excited to return home after spending weeks studying Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. While the comfort of their own beds await, there’s also the important work of writing up their research findings.
Bioacoustics device
A technique called bioacoustic monitoring is helping scientists get a better picture of the biodiversity of forests.
kids climate march
Thousands of students in Europe and elsewhere have been skipping school on Fridays to demand their governments take stronger action against climate change. Some teachers and politicians are pushing back, but the students are getting support from their elders as well.
Grease ice dampens ripples in the water near a golden orange sunset.
The research team aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer is starting to wrap up their work studying Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. As the Amundsen Sea starts to freeze up, the captain of the ship will be constantly on the lookout for gaps in the ice that will carry the ship home.
Researchers hoist the orange-colored Hugin autonomous submarine onto the deck of the Nathaniel B. Palmer.
The World's Carolyn Beeler has her latest dispatch from a research trip to Antarctica. Climate change researchers aboard the icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer sent a robotic submarine for the first look ever at the seafloor under the massive Thwaites Glacier.
The eastern ice tongue of Thwaites Glacier is shown rising out of deep blue ocean waters.
The Nathaniel B. Palmer arrived at Thwaites Glacier on Feb. 26, roughly a month after leaving Punta Arenas, Chile. During its first day in front of the glacier, the Palmer traced a roughly 100-mile path around the edge of Thwaites mapping portions of the sea floor that were previously uncharted.
A medical emergency aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer sends the ship and reporter Carolyn Beeler back north just as they’re about to reach the Thwaites Glacier.
Dead cactus on the ground.
President Donald Trump’s push for a wall on the US-Mexico border has stirred up strong feelings on the immigration issue. But the wall would also have an environmental impact, which many experts say would be quite substantial.