A muddy river runs through a green landscape. On one side are trees and a dense forest; the other is bare.
Indigenous people are engaged in a fierce battle to defend the Amazon forest from illegal logging, and it’s working. Deforestation in indigenous territories is much lower than in other areas. But those efforts are fraught with danger.
Fields growing soybeans for the global market have replaced dense rainforest along the Brazilian Amazon’s 'arc of deforestation.'
Money for protecting the Brazilian Amazon is drying up, while big landowners along the region's "arc of deforestation" are pushing the government to ease up on regulations. Both spell disaster in the battle to preserve the world's largest tropical forest.
Two trees are covered in instruments strapped to their bases
The world's greatest forest used to absorb greenhouse gases, but it may now be emitting them. And that could spell disaster for all of us.
Two men stand on rocky land as mountains and snow stretch out behind them. One holds a drill of some kind and is drilling into the rock.
A New York-based reporter follows scientists to Greenland to try to get a fix on what the future of the world's second-largest ice sheet could mean for sea level rise and the fate of her home town.
man standing in front of home on hill
Roads in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico were blocked by landslides for weeks after Maria, delaying emergency supplies and the restoration of power. Little would be different if a storm struck today.
Leo Cerda is shown, adorned with indigenous wears in a crowd of activists in San Francisco.
What is it like to face climate change where you live? The World spoke to people from all over the globe at the recent Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco to learn how climate change was impacting them, and what they were doing about it.
Destroyed homes on a beach
Hurricane Maria’s waves clawed away at the sand, reducing the width of the broad beach by approximately 90 percent. But it wasn’t just that the familiar landscape disappeared — it left La Boca defenseless. 
Arctic Fox
How much do you know about the Arctic? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.
a closeup of California Governor Edmund "Jerry" Brown
The biggest test of how much a state governor can really lead on a global problem like climate change came this week as Gov. Jerry Brown convened the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.  California has provided leadership amid the vacuum left when the US federal government reversed course on climate policy. But there are things a state just can’t do.   
A woman rolls a bicycle through waist-high floodwaters
"We are not prepared" for the impacts of climate change that are only now beginning to appear, says one scientist.