Christiana Figueres at the UN
Christiana Figueres says the landmark Paris agreement on climate change is “not at risk” due to Donald Trump's policies.
Fourteen wind turbines on the shores of Lake Erie power enough energy for about 10,000 homes. One of the world’s largest steel mills formerly occupied the site.
When you think of American hubs of green energy innovation, you probably don't think of Buffalo, New York. Yes, Buffalo. But guess what, soon, you could.
Julia Barton's father
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was once a secret city. Every American nuclear bomb contains uranium from the lab there.
A combination picture shows the coal-fired Castle Gate Power Plant
President Donald Trump's newest executive order tackles EPA regulations and the Clean Power Plan, which was a big part of how the US planned to hit emissions reductions under the Paris Climate agreement.
The highly unusual torrential rains have been caused by a localized version of the hemispherewide condition.
Kadidia Ouattara moto
Scientists here are engaged in what could be the most promising, and perhaps one of the most frightening, biological experiments of our time.
Eliminating or altering an entire species of mosquito has never been tested in the wild. But "gene drives" could change that.
China windmills
The draft federal budget eliminates funding for climate research and UN climate programs.
Lemmy's job is not to hunt pigeons, but to deter them
Fifteen years ago, the center of London was densely populated, not just with people, but with pigeons. But something has changed. One of the reasons can be found every morning in Trafalgar Square.
Nuclear protesters
An ice wall and pumps are keeping some water from being contaminated, but the problem of hazardous waste is growing — fast.