Large crack painted on to a wall
University of Chicago scientists discovered that if you record iceberg vibrations and speed them up, humans can hear them.
Woman crosses a flooded street in Piura, Peru.
Can climate change be blamed for a devastating flood in Peru? The local government says yes and is preparing for future extreme weather.
Solar Holler founder Dan Conant, foreground, looks on at the beginning of a solar roof installation in Lewisburg, West Virginia.
West Virginia's economy has long been reliant on coal. But as coal jobs dry up, many are looking for jobs beyond coal.
Hurricane Irma, a record Category 5 storm, is seen approaching Puerto Rico in this NOAA National Weather Service National Hurricane Center satellite
Back-to-back mega-storms pounding the US and Caribbean countries have left a lot of people wondering if this is climate change at work. The answer is yes, and no. But it's the wrong question.
If synthetic fibers are in tap water, they’re also likely in foods prepared with water, such as bread, pasta, soup and baby formula, researchers say.
A rescue helicopter hovers in the background as an elderly woman and her poodle use an air mattress to float above flood waters from Tropical Storm Harvey while waiting to be rescued from Scarsdale Boulevard in Houston, Texas, U.S.
The impacts of Harvey are raising questions about what cities can do to prepare for flooding events. Dale Morris, who directs the Dutch government's water management efforts in the US, offers some advice.
Commuters walk through water-logged roads after rains in Mumbai.
The flooding brought back memories of 2005 when around 37 inches of rain fell on Mumbai in just 24 hours, killing more than 1,000 people.
Commuters ride on rickshaws as streets are flooded due to heavy monsoon rains in Dhaka.
There are no official estimates on damage yet, but thousands of acres of farmland are devastated and more than 1,200 people have been killed in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
"So much rain has fallen," the National Weather Service tweeted about Harvey on Monday, "we've had to update the color charts on our graphics in order to effectively map it."
Climate change is bringing more extreme weather to just about every corner of the globe. Some places are getting ready, some aren't. And the difference isn't just about money.
A woman recycles plastic bags from a river near the Dondora dumpsite close to the slum of Korogocho in the capital Nairobi, Kenya, March 17, 2015
Producing, selling and using plastic bags is now illegal in Kenya. The East African nation joins 40 other countries worldwide in banning, partially banning or taxing single use plastic bags.