A man walks on the roof of a traditional ger home while fixing the chimney of a coal burning stove on a cold hazy day on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Climate change is forcing many of Mongolia's nomadic herders to abandon their traditional lifestyle and move to Ulaanbaatar. That's making a big smog problem in the city even worse.
Jessica Keetso
Generations of residents of Black Mesa, Arizona, have blamed a nearby coal mine for changes to their land. Now it’s likely to close.
Power plant and sandstone formation
The Navajo Generating Station is a big polluter. But it’s also a good job on the reservation, which keeps workers close to home.
Power plant
Navajo President Russell Begaye says Trump "has not lifted a finger" to help save a major coal-fired power plant on the Navajo reservation.
portugal fire
The country was in mourning after the deadliest such disaster in its recent history, with many victims burnt as they were trapped in their cars around the epicenter in Pedrogao Grande.
Frank Liebl, executive director of the Newton Development Corporation, in front of the old Maytag headquarters. Community leaders are working to rent out the space, where 2,000 people once worked.
When Maytag closed its doors in 2007, it was a rough transition for Newton, Iowa. But a decade later, unemployment sits below 4 percent.
The Sierra Club is organizing grassroots activists to push Cleveland’s city leaders to commit to 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2050.
Cleveland ranks among the nation's top cities with the most preventable deaths related to air quality issues. Things are getting worse with climate change. Doctors and environmentalists see climate change as a public health crisis and an opportunity.
European Council President Donald Tusk, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker attend a signing ceremony during a EU-China Summit in Brussels, Belgium June 2, 2017.
In 2014, the US and China together paved the road to Paris. Now the EU's taking America's place.
Trump's dragon breath melts the earth ice cream cone
President Trump thought pulling out of the Paris climate accord would make other countries stop laughing at America. It didn't work.
Coal-fired power plants like this one in Wyoming are among the largest sources of climate-altering pollution in the US, and had been targets of Obama administration rules to significantly cut US emissions under the Paris Climate agreement. President Trump
The president says the 2015 Paris climate agreement "fails to serve America's interests." But it was written specifically to address US demands.