For decades, RWE has been slowly razing the forest and surrounding towns to expand its adjacent coal mine, among Europe’s largest producers of lignite coal and greatest sources of carbon dioxide pollution. And earlier this fall, the company moved to start cutting a new section that protesters have been occupying.
sea ice
Sea ice grows in the winter, when the Arctic is very cold and dark, and then dies back every summer, when the region gets pounded by nonstop sunlight. For all of human history, there's always been some Arctic sea ice that doesn’t melt in the summer. But there's much less of it now.
woman in forest
Tropical forests like El Yunque have evolved to recover from hurricanes. But if those storms grow more intense or frequent, forests may be less able to bounce back. And that could hurt communities that depend on the forest for water.
bitcoin logo on pillow
A new analysis finds bitcoin mining uses more energy, dollar for dollar, than gold mining.
After centuries on the margins, the Indigenous Sámi of the Arctic regions of Scandinavia are starting to reassert their cultural identity. And they say the world can't solve the climate crisis without perspectives like theirs.
Widespread flooding submerged Interstate Highway 45 in Houston. Hurricane Harvey dropped up to 61 inches of rain on parts of Texas and Louisiana, Aug. 27, 2017.
One congressional race that’s become surprisingly close is Texas’ 7th Congressional District in western Houston and its suburbs. It’s been controlled by Republicans since the 1960s when George HW Bush held the seat. But this year, the race, in one of the wealthiest districts in Texas, is a dead heat.
A sun sets behind a cloud over a grey body of water
Just how quickly will billions of tons of carbon locked up in the Arctic's melting permafrost be released into the atmosphere? Scientists in the Arctic say finding out could be a matter of survival.
A person walks through a puddle in Shismaref, Alaska.
Shishmaref, Alaska, home to a tightly knit Iñpuiat community of 600 people, is ground zero for climate change in the Arctic. What happens here could foreshadow the fates of other US coastal communities. Why won't Washington pay attention?
hangar with roof damaged
A watchdog agency told the military last year it should track repair costs related to extreme weather and climate change. It said no.
Fall leaves cover a hill above a river.
Each fall, millions of tourists come to New England to see the changing leaves. It's big business. But climate change is moving the calendar.