man standing in front of home on hill
Roads in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico were blocked by landslides for weeks after Maria, delaying emergency supplies and the restoration of power. Little would be different if a storm struck today.
Destroyed homes on a beach
Hurricane Maria’s waves clawed away at the sand, reducing the width of the broad beach by approximately 90 percent. But it wasn’t just that the familiar landscape disappeared — it left La Boca defenseless. 
Leo Cerda is shown, adorned with indigenous wears in a crowd of activists in San Francisco.
What is it like to face climate change where you live? The World spoke to people from all over the globe at the recent Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco to learn how climate change was impacting them, and what they were doing about it.
a closeup of California Governor Edmund "Jerry" Brown
The biggest test of how much a state governor can really lead on a global problem like climate change came this week as Gov. Jerry Brown convened the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.  California has provided leadership amid the vacuum left when the US federal government reversed course on climate policy. But there are things a state just can’t do.   
A woman rolls a bicycle through waist-high floodwaters
"We are not prepared" for the impacts of climate change that are only now beginning to appear, says one scientist.
Javier picks cherries
When Azul was five, doctors finally figured out the little girl had asthma. That’s become a big problem among children of farm workers, says Dr. Catherine Karr of the University of Washington. 
coal power plant in germany burns dirty
Lignite mining has already claimed nearly 50 villages in the region, and since the mid-1950s more than 40,000 people have been displaced by it.
un barco de pesca en el mar de cortez en Mexico
Los habitantes del estado mexicano de Baja California Sur vivían de la pesca durante generaciones, hasta que los peces se acabaron.
Man stands on roof
After 11 months, power is virtually fully restored in Puerto Rico. But the grid is still fragile, and there’s no estimate of when an overhaul to make it stronger will begin.
fishing nets in the sea of cortez
En el estado mexicano Baja California Sur, la gente vivía de la pesca durante generaciones, hasta que se acabaron los peces.