Residents wade through a flooded street as they evacuate their homes in Chennai, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, December 3, 2015.
Just days after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about extreme weather at the Paris climate summit, one of his country’s biggest cities was inundated by some of its worst flooding ever. Host Marco Werman gets the latest on the disaster from the BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder in Chennai.
Xi Jinping in South Africa
While US government policies bar providing aid to authoritarian states, China has no such restrictions — which has made it a powerful force in parts of Africa the US won't work with.
Rocky Dawuni
Ghanaian reggae musician Rocky Dawuni is in Paris this week for the climate change summit. He's there to raise awareness how the carbon in smoke aggravates climate change. And he points out that in many parts of the world, a kitchen consists of three stones with a wood or charcoal fire below, and a pot on top to cook in. This setup is not only bad for the environment, but it's also deadly.
Children holding plates wait in a queue to receive food at an orphanage run by a non-governmental organisation in the southern Indian city of Chennai.
Checkbooks are out today, as potential donors try to maximize their charitable contributions.
Baby being weighed
Many chemicals in common use have made everyday life easier and more convenient for many people — from detergents and industrial lubricants to insecticides and flame retardants. But exposure to some of these same products might be working against our health.
Mulago hospital
Even the best advocates can't seem to get the right care for kids who have preventable diseases — and end up getting worse.
An internally displaced girl poses at a makeshift refugee camp in Sinjar town, in Idlib province, Syria November 20, 2015.
Whatever the political inclinations of your family, everyone — even your drunk uncle — should be able to agree on one thing: helping Syrian refugees on the ground is a good thing.
Jennifer Nagel
Canada has a unique system mandated in its immigration law — citizens and residents can sponsor refugees to come to their country. That means providing money, food, housing, and helping them find a job.
Whether to say "needle" or "sleepy juice": Dr. Sarah Aref and Farris Barakat help a Syrian boy at the temporary Syrian American Medical Society dental clinic on the Turkish-Syrian border.
After Deah Barakat was shot to death in Chapel Hill, his friends and family made his dream of a dental clinic for Syrian refugees happen.
Students march at Stellenbosch University earlier this year
Student protesters in South Africa are chalking up another victory in their "decolonization" campaign. Stellenbosch University, once a bastion of apartheid ideology, has agreed to stop teaching in Afrikaans and switch to English as the main language of instruction.