Louisiana floods — and music
Songs have been written about Louisiana's great flood of 1927, and about Katrina. As the state is inundated anew, music plays a role in bringing communities together.
A Haitian with symptoms of cholera is transported in a wheelbarrow
"Once you start lying about something at the beginning ... it’s very hard to stop." The issue of responsibility for thousands of deaths in Haiti may end up in the US Supreme Court.
Three men sit in rubble in white helmets
Here is a list of some of the organizations trying to rescue the massive number of Syrians caught in the nation's civil war.
The RefettoRio team of chef in action in Rio.
With all the attention being lavished on Rio, the city's poor have been largely left on the sideline. But one organization is hoping to give them a bit of a leg up while the city is in the spotlight.
Passengers ride inside and atop overcrowded buses as they head toward their village to celebrate a Hindu festival in Nepal in October 2015.
They were on a trip to receive long-promised money to finally rebuild their homes after the devastating 2015 earthquake.
A group of children jump and reach for a ball on a volleyball court at a refugee camp in Germany after World War II
As a team of refugees participates in the Olympics for the first time, refugees around the world are playing sports in the camps they're temporarily calling home. Social welfare organizations like the YMCA also recognized the value of sports in refugee camps dating as far back as World War II.
Maitian and his wife got married 20 years ago. He's never told her that he's gay.
HIV rates are rising among gay men in China. And there are fears that some of these men may infect their wives.
Hunger in Venezuela
It's one thing to talk to people you've never met before who are suffering from hunger, and it's a completely different thing when they are from your own family, as the BBC's Vladimir Hernandez discovered when he returned to his native Venezuela to report on its failure to get food on people's tables.
Aba Ali, a Nigerian refugee who fled from his village in northeastern Nigeria
Boko Haram and other factors are leading to a food crisis in northeastern Nigeria — one that could turn deadly if it doesn't change soon.
Children drink water from the SHRI sanitation system.
India has a severe shortage of toilets, something the government of Narendra Modi has pledged to address. Anoop Jain is already working on it. He's an American doctoral student who's building public toilets in one of the poorest states in India.