Migrants on dock at Capurgana, Colombia
Haitians and other US-bound migrants are boarding boats from Colombia by the hundreds each day. Next stop: the Darien Gap, a jungle that's feared as much for the armed rebels and narcos as for the snakes and jaguars.
Shimon Peres was a proud holder of an Israeli organ donor card.
Israel has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in the developed world. But advocates hope that religious and political leaders like the late Shimon Peres can help persuade Israeli Jews to sign up.
A giant cross stands on top of the Mount Qanat Bakish in Lebanon, in a photo from Oct. 1, 2010.
“We’re not here to convert anyone,” says a woman from Texas whose school teaches Syrian refugee kids Arabic, English and lessons about Jesus and the Bible.
Tetanus vaccinations like this one, at Palmview High School in Mission, Texas, are harder to come by in Ukraine.
Sections of Ukraine's national medicine cabinets have been running empty since the country's conflict with Russia began. As a result, diseases that were under control for many decades are making a comeback.
A worker fogs the corridor
At least 56 people in Singapore have contracted Zika in what is a major case of local transmission far from the Americas, where the disease has become established.
Women attend an evangelical church service in Almolonga, Guatemala.
Guatemala is reported to be the most evangelical country in the Americas. And, according to the Pew Research Center, it has the highest rate of believers that faith reaps success. Almolonga, a small mountain town, is held up as proof.
Armenian sisters Arev, left, and Lida stand in front of their home built from a shipping container.
We visited a town in the former Soviet country to see what life is like in the “domik” container villages — almost 30 years after they moved in.
Kochi (formerly Cochin), part of Kerala, which has embraced the Fab City movement
From a storied past as spice market and trading hub, India’s southwestern state of Kerala now aims to become a hub for the Internet of Things. It has joined the Fab Lab network, started by MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, and was the first region or state to sign on as a Fab City.
A homeowner cleans up debris from her home in Louisiana.
The waters are gone in Louisiana, but the clean-up is only beginning
Sammy Kang’ete, an intern from Kenya
In the hills north of San Francisco, a new form of farming is taking root. It's called biointensive farming, and it has the potential to give small farmers a much bigger impact on the global food supply.