Scientists are testing a vaccine that could make the AIDS cocktail, a blend of life-prolonging drugs with wicked side effects, a thing of the past.
A South African judge argues that laws that make it illegal for someone to transmit HIV to another person are bad public policy.
Health officials in Uganda would like to promote male circumcision as part of a campaign to reduce HIV/AIDS, but Uganda's president doesn't support the idea.
The effects of coal pollution on the development of children born near a coal-fired power plant in Tongliang, China.
Advertising agencies enlisted to promote hand-washing in effort to reduce infant mortality around the world.
The debate in the Senate over the AIDS bill may not just be about money; often global AIDS attracts a debate on abortion.
A new photography exhibit documents the lives of people around the world benefiting from antiretroviral drug treatment.
On PRI's 'The World' -- announcements from President Bush and the UN to increase efforts to combat malaria around the world.
A live panel discussion about the challenges of obesity in our own community and around the world.