A humanitarian crisis is developing as a raging outbreak of cholera has struck thousands in the troubled African nation of Zimbabwe.
The challenge of delivering AIDS drugs in Africa -- the journey of a bottle of pills from an Indian factory to a patient in Ivory Coast.
With nearly 40 million diabetics and growing, China faces a raging health epidemic -- the coming impact the disease will have on the country.
Scientists at Harvard University are developing low-cost, portable tools to help health workers in the developing world.
The challenges of delivering mental health care to the thousands of Sierra Leone adolescents who were forced to fight as soldiers during that country's civil war.
South Africa's new president and a new health minister are taking a different approach to fighting the AIDS epidemic there.
In the Amazon, some tribes are burying babies alive if they are born with birth defects -- Christian missionaries launch campaign to stop the practice.
Complaints about the melamine-treated baby formula were made as early as December 2007, but they weren't acted on, nor were they reported.
Kerala, India enjoyed good public health despite deep poverty; but now residents are growing richer, and overall health appears to be declining.
A new report by the World Health Organization focuses on the social factors -- like poverty and unemployment -- that determine people's health.