Fake drugs prevalent in developing world, where scant regulation lets useless and sometimes dangerous medicine land on store shelves.
An international team of scientists has made a discovery that may change our understanding of the history and future of AIDS.
Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline says it will allow manufacturers to produce generic versions of all its HIV and AIDS medicines.
Thembi Ngubane documented her battle with AIDS in audio diaries -- she recently died of complications from AIDS-related tuberculosis.
Fewer than ten H1N1 cases are confirmed in Africa, but health experts worry the disease may spread in the continent's crowded slums.
A new report says HIV infections among young teens are down in South Africa.
Researchers are working with HIV patients in Africa to explore whether yogurt can slow the spread of HIV.
Nepal is one of the poorest countries and healthcare is a major challenge, but one doctor hopes to improve conditions for women there.
A county in south central China isn't encouraging people there to stop smoking; in fact, it's ordering public workers to smoke.
The health problems associated with DDT outweighs its effectiveness in controlling malaria , and the WHO plans to phase it out worldwide by 2020.