Go glam makeup hair hijab
This is particularly exciting for customers who want to skip Jakarta's infamous gridlock and luxuriate in the comfort of their own homes.
Zika fumigation in Singapore
Mosquito population densities in the tiny island nation of Singapore are a fraction of those in neighboring countries. That's no accident.
Salvaging Haiti's cacao crop after Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew devastated cacao trees at the heart of Haiti's burgeoning cocoa export business.
Workers in biohazard suits stand at the entry of a sealed-off poultry farm in Trumling, southern Germany, on Sep. 8, 2007. The H5N1 bird flu virus had been found in several ducks at a nearby poultry farm.
Over the next five years, the CDC is investing more than $2 billion to prepare itself, developing countries and state and local health departments to be able to respond to health emergencies.
The work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta is increasingly international in scope.
As the World Health Organization's role in combating infectious diseases has diminished, the CDC has been filling the void.
Three-month-old Jesus, photographed on Oct. 5 in Guarenas, Venezuela, was born with microcephaly
These three graphics offer a glimpse at why researchers are so confounded by Zika’s uneven impact across the Americas.
Ertha Papillon
She's sheltering hundreds of neighbors in her house, running a school and orphanage, and trying to get clean water to those in need.
Port Salut
What it means to be lucky in the aftermath of a brutal storm.
Migrants on dock at Capurgana, Colombia
Haitians and other US-bound migrants are boarding boats from Colombia by the hundreds each day. Next stop: the Darien Gap, a jungle that's feared as much for the armed rebels and narcos as for the snakes and jaguars.
Shimon Peres was a proud holder of an Israeli organ donor card.
Israel has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in the developed world. But advocates hope that religious and political leaders like the late Shimon Peres can help persuade Israeli Jews to sign up.