In Venezuela, two volunteers help a protester overcome by tear gas. The volunteers are mostly medical students who provide first aid at the anti-government demonstrations.
A group of Venezuelan medical students started volunteering to provide first aid at protests in 2014. Now, their help is needed more than ever.
Migrants stand in line to receive free food outside a derelict customs warehouse in Belgrade
Lice and lung problems are just two of the conditions facing migrants who found themselves trapped in Serbia when Europe shutdown its borders last spring.
A family is pictured at the entrance of their house at a slum, or favela, in Rio de Janeiro
The UN has a goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030 — but slower-than-expected economic growth may push that goal out of reach.
A group meets at IIX Impact Institute
For socially focused development programs, getting to scale can be the big challenge. This group is here to help.
Medical stretchers are seen abandoned along the corridors at the main hospital during a strike
In Kenya, mental illness still has a strong stigma attached to it. But a new hotline is helping to make inroads with treatment.
Sita Adhikari
After 20 years, Bhutanese refugees who ended up in camps in Nepal have mostly been resettled to third countries, but there are some aging residents who don't want to leave.
A transgender brothel in Istanbul's run-down Tarlabasi neighborhood.
Forty-three transgender people have been killed in Turkey since 2008, the highest number in Europe, according to the group Transgender Europe. But most killings of LGBT members in Turkey go unreported.
Aisu shows off an Ebola text message he recently received.
There are three vaccines in development in Uganda that could be used to prevent the spread of Ebola. But that's not the only way the African nation is leading the fight against such a deadly disease.
A health worker fumigates a residential area to prevent the spread of dengue fever in Chandigarh, India, September 20, 2015.
In India, a country of 1.25 billion people, the government is struggling to get a handle on what’s known as “vector-borne diseases,” but there are signs of hope.
Go glam makeup hair hijab
This is particularly exciting for customers who want to skip Jakarta's infamous gridlock and luxuriate in the comfort of their own homes.