A Palestinian teenager checks his Facebook account, keeping tabs on the back and forth violence between Palestinians and Israelis.
In the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, both sides use social media as armor — and ammo.
Refugees set up tents at the main port. They're hoping to get tickets for a ferry like this that will take them to Greece.
Earlier this summer, Syrians were the majority of people risking the journey to Europe, but now the makeup of the inflatable boats reaching the shores of the Lesbos has changed: Iraqis, Iranians and Bangladeshis are arriving in greater and greater numbers.
A vender sells balloons to refugees in Izmir, Turkey who are planning to get to Greece by boat.
Amer Mohammad says he has no future in Turkey, where he is not allowed to work or gain refugee status after fleeing ISIS occupation. Like some 2 million other refugees there, he doesn't have many good options and doesn't know when countries in Europe will find a solution.
A migrant family spends the night near the main bus station in Istanbul on Sept. 17, 2015.
Iraqi refugee Amer Mohammad is considering his next move, as Turkey and its neighbors consider how to handle the millions of refugees looking for homes. His main goal? Get to Germany. So, for now, he's camping outside an Istanbul bus station, waiting to travel.
Avia Azulay, a youth counselor who works with hilltop youth in the West Bank.
Israel's Hilltop Youth — young Jewish settlers squatting on West Bank hilltops — are an elusive group that shun journalists and most adult authority figures. But they do agree to meet with 35-year-old Avia Azulay, a Jewish settler in the West Bank and youth counselor for a local settler organization.
A woman holds a Guatemalan flag and celebrates as Guatemala's former President Otto Perez arrives at Matamoros Army Base, after a hearing at the Supreme Court of Justice, in Guatemala City, September 3, 2015.
The protests over the corruption scandal that brought down former Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina have changed the country, and are unlikely to end with his removal, say activists.
A Syrian refugee from Aleppo holds his one month old daughter moments after arriving on a dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos
While governments are grappling with a surge of refugees, these groups are working hard to help the people fleeing war and human rights abuses in Syria.
Two ID pictures of Orhan Gönder, taken a year apart. His family says they show the transformation of the teenager from a high school senior to an ISIS recruit.
Kurdish fighters have led the charge against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. But in one town in Turkey, locals say more young Kurds are joining ISIS than the fight against them.
Mehmet Ocalan, brother of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, who's been in jail since 1999. Ocalan heads the PKK, a Kurdish militia considered a terrorist organization by the Turkish government.
There is a a three-cornered war going on in Turkey's Kurdish region. The usual suspects, plus ISIS, which is fighting everybody.
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