The Boston Gay Men's Chorus
The Boston's Gay Men’s Chorus returns to the US inspired by its performance for the gay community in Istanbul. But their trip was not without conflict.
The veterans of a youth protest movement that swept Turkey in 2013 played an important role in helping the left wing HDP party claim an unexpected success in last week's election, but there may be another vote just around the corner. PRI spoke with a few of the activists to understand what they accomplished and what they're planning next.
Volunteers with the Rescue Command treat a man who was robbed and attacked with a baseball in San Salvador.
Gang violence is skyrocketing in El Salvador. May finished with more than 600 murders, more than any previous month since the country's civil war that ended in the early 1990s. Young people are often the victims, but some have found an escape; a way to live in the middle of the violence without becoming a target.
Labourers work at a construction site in Doha June 18, 2012.
The focus on Qatar's abuse of its migrants has been among the fallout from FIFA bribery scandal and the soccer body's improbable decision to award the tiny nation the World Cup in 2022. Yet inaccuracies in reporting give the government cover to attack errors instead of the issue — and frustrate change, say several young Qataris.
Youth in Iran
Iran has been strained under sanctions for years, and the nation's young people have struggled to find jobs. They also want simple things, like the ability to access the Internet. Finally, they look set to get some of what they want.
According to the CDC, anthrax is a serious disease caused by a rod-shaped bacteria known as Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax can be found naturally in soil and commonly affects domestic and wild animals around the world.
The Defense Department has accidentally shipped live spores of the deadly anthrax bacteria all over the country, and overseas. The shipments were part of a readiness training exercise. Still, authorities insist there is no risk to the general public.
After almost four hours of protest on May 13, students sit down while they await to hear the results of the conversation between student representatives and government officials.
Puerto Rican students forced Governor Alejandro García Padilla to abandon a plan to slash university funding by 20 percent, but the issue went largely uncovered in US media.
Yazidi women released from ISIS captivity meet with Lalish's top spiritual leader, Baba Chawish, before being baptized back into the faith. They didn't want to show their faces.
As ISIS overran Iraq's Yazidi heartland in August 2014, the group kidnapped thousands of women and girls, forcing them to convert to Islam. In years past, they would have been forever shunned from Yazidi society. But now, the community and its faith are creating new ways to reintegrate the women.
A man gestures during a protest in Bujumbura, Burundi, on May 13, 2015 against Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza's decision to run for a third term.
When armed men stormed into Bonesha FM this morning and shut down the Burundian radio station, it was only the latest act in an ongoing radio war between pro- and anti-government forces in the country.
Activists put banner on pedestrian bridge in Rio
The US is moving toward lowering its prison population. Brazil may go in the opposite direction. Its Congress is considering lowering the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16. That would send thousands of adolescents to a dangerous adult prison system with 200,000 too many inmates.