A woman and her child, having fled Qayyarah, arrive at a front line position.
Fear and boredom are front and center in territory held by ISIS extremists in Iraq.
Migrants lugging their meager belongings boarded buses Monday under a French plan to raze the notorious camp that has become a symbol of Europe's refugee crisis.
Smoke rises after strikes on Syria Democratic Forces in northern Aleppo
Ceasefires in Syria and Yemen last week were broken by fighting. But that doesn't mean they were a waste.
Terror in Europe
The ISIS attacks on France and Belgium exposed weaknesses in Europe’s approach to borders and information sharing that counterterror officials had warned about for years. The vulnerabilities remain largely unaddressed.
Kurdish forces in battle for Mosul, Iraq
Few doubt that the US-backed alliance will beat the Islamic State out of the Iraqi city of Mosul. But solving that problem is expected to unleash new struggles in Iraq and beyond. Here are some of the biggest challenges ahead.
USS Mason
The US fired cruise missiles to defend its ships in the Red Sea — and got drawn deeper into the civil war in Yemen.
An Iraqi police officer uses the device to inspect a car at checkpoint in central Baghdad, Iraq, 2010.
Thousands of fake bomb detectors were marketed and sold in the Middle East. But even though the manufacturers have been jailed for fraud, security guards are still using the phony detectors.
 Aleppo residents walk past a burnt bus in the city's rebel-held Seif al-Dawla neighborhood.
The only female obstetrician left in eastern Aleppo says she's living in a ghost town.
Syrian army soldiers and civilians inspect the damage after explosions hit the Syrian city of Tartous. ISIS was blamed for this attack in May 2016.
ISIS appears to have weaponized drones. It's the latest example of the terror group's ability to adapt and innovate on the battlefield.
Journalist Sulome Anderson is based in Beirut, Lebanon and New York City.
Her mother was pregnant when assailants bundled her father into the back of a car in Beirut in 1985. Six years later he was released, but the family's life would never be the same.