A participant reacts towards protesters as he takes part in the annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem
Beirut, Lebanon, may be the one Arab capital where LGBT people are increasingly comfortable and safe.
urvivors of the siege of Daraya being evacuated,after rebels surrendered the Syrian town to government forces.
The last bedraggled and hungry rebel fighters in the Syrian town of Daraya are laying down their arms after being under siege for four years. The government promised them safe passage, but the UN is concerned for their safety. Civilians burned their possessions before being evacuated, and said goodbye to the dead in the cemetery. Few expect to return.
Crater at MSF Hospital Yemen
The United States has withdrawn some of its advisors that have been coordinating Saudi bombing runs on Yemen. Some Yemenis say it's about time.
A boy stands near tents inside an informal settlement for Syrian refugees in Taanayel, Bekaa valley, Lebanon in January.
Lebanon is home to the world's most Syrian refugees per capita. Syrians say the Lebanese authorities are harassing them and locals suspect them all of being terrorists.
Bar Lyes refugee camp, Bekaa, Lebanon.
What happens when volunteers from 10 nationalities come together and make lunch for 1,500 people? Or when a band that incorporates US country folk music, Turkish, and classical Arabic music, plays to raise funds and awareness for refugees?
White Helmet volunteers search for survivors at a site reportedly hit with a barrel bomb in the Al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, on September 17, 2015.
In the aftermath of airstrikes, civilians in Aleppo organize to find the injured.
Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad walk past rubble after they advanced on the southern side of the Castello road in Aleppo, Syria.
Eastern Aleppo could turn into "the largest humanitarian tragedy" of the Syrian conflict, the European Union said.
Ole Martin Juul Slyngstadli on Utoya Island five years after the Norway shootings. He says the biggest victory for survivors of the attack like him is that the summer camp remains open and a new crop of kids is arriving next month.
Five years after the Norway shootings, a survivor reflects on Anders Breivik, the Orlando attack, and guns.
Baha Nababta in the Shuafat refugee camp in November 2014. He devoted his life to improving the camp before he was shot to death this year.
The Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem receives very little in the way of municipal services from the Israelis or the Palestinians. One Palestinian man decided to make it his mission to bring services to his community.
Afghan refugees Iran
In exchange, the Iranian government promises cash and legal status to undocumented Afghans. Rights groups says the refugees are forced into signing up.