A demonstrator uses a makeshift shield to take cover during a protest in Hong Kong
The boycott followed a weekend marred by some of the worst violence since unrest escalated more than three months ago, with protesters burning barricades and throwing petrol bombs, and police retaliating with water cannon, tear gas and batons.
A man walks in front of a banner with the words FARC
Nine FARC dissidents were killed in a bombing raid in southern Colombia, the first since former leaders of the group announced a new offensive this week.
Pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow leave the Eastern Court after being released on bail in Hong Kong, China, on August 30, 2019.
On the eve of an important anniversary in Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, authorities arrested dozens of pro-democracy activists.
Yazidi women
This month, Yazidis mark five years since ISIS overran northwestern Iraq, murdering an estimated 5,000 Yazidi men and boys who refused to convert to Islam, and enslaving some 7,000 women and girls, including some as young as nine.
A woman with long hair and earrings smiles
Chile's private health insurance company, Isapres, doesn't want to insure sick people, says María Pilar Iturrieta, a lawyer in Santiago, who was denied health insurance for her daughter born with a cleft lip.
Mae Salong
Former CIA-backed guerrillas — rivals of Chairman Mao Zedong — are now embracing the tourism industry, years after setting up the arteries and networks that sustain the Golden Triangle drug trade to this day.
people underwater in scuba gear
The risk of migrants dying in the Mediterranean Sea is higher than it’s ever been — 15% of migrants who boarded boats in North Africa bound for Italy in the first six months of this year drowned. 
protesters hold signs of macron upside down
As the G7 summit wrapped up in the town of Biarritz, France, French protesters in the neighboring town of Bayonne carried hundreds of official portraits of French President Emmanuel Macron turned upside down.
Former dairy farm worker sues
For undocumented workers, the consequences of demanding better work conditions can be high — and include risking deportation.
Soldiers in white tanks on a road
Israeli troops on the northern border with Lebanon are on high alert after a drone attack in Beirut's southern suburbs. Israel has not claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Iranian-backed Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, is threatening imminent military action.