Macron is at the front of a room and hands of journalists are in the air
French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to cut taxes in his national address Thursday. But some social justice activists aren’t satisfied with his plans for reform.
Men in protective gear stand on a street with guns
Poverty is often seen as one of the reasons for radicalization, but it is often the disproportionately educated and wealthy who participate in terrorist attacks.
Young men wearing black stand on steps and raise fists in air.
Armed civilians loyal to embattled President Nicolás Maduro are more trusted than the military to restore order and quell dissent in Venezuela.
A coffee farmer is shown walking through a nursery with a rake in his hand.
In El Salvador, erratic weather is taking a big toll, agricultural experts say, compounding the challenges for coffee farmers at a critical moment.
Satellite view of the Kharg Island oil export terminal in Iran. Very Large Crude Carriers  — "supertankers" — can be seen loading on the sides.
The US has told five countries that they must stop buying Iranian oil. But China may continue to import Iranian crude, despite Washington's protests.
women line up to vote in india
India's parliamentary elections, now underway, will show how social media is affecting Indian society and government.
protestors in the front of the national palace in mexico
After 39 days of waiting, families displaced by extreme violence in Guerrero State finally got an answer from AMLO: go back home.
A man waves a backhoe as it lifts dirt to drop onto four caskets laid out in a row
More than 100 people were killed in the St. Sebastian church in the village of Katuwapitiya. On Tuesday, the community gathered to mourn their dead in mass funerals.
Protesters carry black sign with white writing in support of slain Armenian journalist.
It's still too early to expect movement on the genocide recognition issue in Turkey, but "Armenianness" is no longer a black mark.
A man claps in the foreground as confetti floats through the air
With no experience and a limited policy platform, comedian-turned-president Volodymyr Zelenskiy might not change much in Ukraine, but his landslide victory still says something about voters' frustrations.