Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai
This week, the Biden administration put forward a power-sharing arrangement between the government in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the Taliban, the details of which were leaked by TOLONews.
Riot police detain a man during clashes in the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece, March 11, 2021.
Greek authorities say the technology will make police checks more efficient, but critics are sounding the alarm about potential abuses. 
A team of journalists gather around a table with laptops
Mesopotamia Agency, Turkey's largest Kurdish news outlet, is often at odds with the government’s narrative about its longtime struggle against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).
This aerial shot released by the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) shows a village affected by a landslide in Nganjuk, East Java, Indonesia, Monday, Feb. 15, 2021. 
Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into a theory about how natural disasters may help and hurt rebel resilience.
In this photo provided by the North Korean government, Kim Jong-un speaks in a conference with chief secretaries of the city and county party committees in Pyongyang, North Korea, Saturday, March 6, 2020. 
The pandemic appears to have further cut off North Korea from the rest of the world. But now, the country is set to receive nearly 2 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine through the COVAX program.
Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda speaks at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands, in this this Aug. 28, 2018, file photo.
Prominent groups are calling on the Biden administration to lift Trump-era sanctions on ICC members. But Israel, one of America's closest allies, is asking the new president to keep them in place.
A health worker administers the Chinese Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine to his colleague while the prime minister's adviser on health issues Faisal Sultan, second right, and other officials watch during a ceremony to start the vaccination campaign in Islamabad
Vaccine workers in Pakistan have faced threats for a long time. The reasons behind anti-vaccination sentiments and hostility toward workers vary, but misinformation and a CIA operation have played an outsized role.
A man wearing jeans and sweater throws a rock near a fire burning outside
Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into new research by political scientist Jana Krause on interactions between post-election violence and sexual violence in Kenya and Nigeria.
People stand in front of a church door with protest signs on it.
Up to 200 undocumented migrants, including teenagers, have occupied St. John the Baptist in Brussels since the end of January. They're calling on the government to grant them legal status.
Chinese New Years' decorations for sale at Yu Gardens in Shanghai.
The Chinese government hasn’t actually forbidden travel this year, but they’re strongly discouraging it.