Breaking down Trump’s budget request and US defense spending in five charts.
Hungarian border hunter recruits take oath during a swearing-in ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, on March 7.
EU member Hungary will detain asylum-seekers in shipping containers and will arm and deploy border vigilantes to prevent what the government calls an "invasion" of migrants.
Soviet nuclear test site model
People living near the Polygon, the old Soviet Union's biggest nuclear testing ground, are still suffering from diseases tied to high radiation levels.
Iraqi rapid response members fire a missile against ISIS militants in Mosul, Iraq, on March 11.
A renewed push against ISIS in Iraq launched on March 5 has forced the radical militants from several neighborhoods and key sites, including the main local government headquarters and the famed Mosul museum.
Refugee advocates hold placards and banners during a protest in Sydney on October 5, 2016.
Australia's offshore detention camps have been brought to the attention of the International Criminal Court. Human rights lawyers want the ICC to investigate whether crimes against humanity are being committed there.
The Marines deploying in Syria reportedly have M777 howitzers, seen here with artillerymen at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.
Although several hundred US special forces troops have been active in Syria for months now, the Marines' arrival marks the largest deployment of America's conventional forces in Syria since the civil war began six years ago.
Ryan Owens, a Navy SEAL and Noor Al-Awlaki, a Yemeni girl both died in Yakla, Yemen January 29th, 2017
Survivors of the Navy SEAL raid in Yemen tell their side of the story.
Refugees at Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Uganda fill jerrycans at the water tank.
South Sudan's refugee crisis seems to be getting worse. But there's reason for optimism, and it all comes down to Uganda’s unusual and progressive refugee policy.
Jacqueline, 24, a South Sudanese refugee living in Uganda receives a blessing from her minister.
The civil war in South Sudan is becoming one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. For some refugees who've fled into Uganda, ethnic rivalries stoked by the conflict persist. But other South Sudanese are rejecting those divisions and hoping for peace — together.
Lebanon's public education system can't cope with hundreds of thousands of extra Syrian refugee kids. So nonprofit groups are trying to fill the gaps.