A researcher at Hauri
When you go to the hospital, you give up a lot of very personal data, not the least of which is your name, address and Social Security number. Recently, a group of Chinese hackers associated with their government's cyber espionage program branched out from their usual work and targeted a huge hospital system's patient database — and got away with a huge haul of personal data.
Usama Hasan
The man who executed American reporter James Foley spoke with a British accent, presumably one of hundreds of British nationals that authorities think are fighting alongside members of ISIS. So why are they there, and how can they be stopped?
A refugee woman from the minority Yazidi sect, who fled the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar, sits with a child inside a tent at a refugee camp in north-eastern Syria. The Yazidis have been brutally persecuted by militants from the Islamic State, some
This isn't the setup for a joke: Last week, after the death of Robin Williams, a US Army veteran and a supporter of Islamic militant group ISIS tweeted their regrets. Soon the pair were swapping recollections of their favorite Williams movies and other pop culture trivia.
In this Facebook posting, Ayoub and his high school friend each hold up one finger, a sign many jihadists use to show they're willing to die for god.
Mohamed was important in Libyan's revolution, helping to defeat and ultimately capture Muammar Gaddafi. His younger brother missed out on Libya's revolution — so he decided to make his own fame by going to Syria to fight in the violent revolution there.
Abu Hussein
Expectations are pretty low for this week's Syria peace talks in Geneva. It will the first time that government and opposition representatives actually meet since the civil war began almost three years ago. But a third major player in the conflict will be missing: the Al-Qaeda-affiliated rebel group that controls much of north-east Syria. Most of its fighters are foreign. Here's the story of one Syrian man who has been forced into exile by the very men he once helped bring into his country.