A class at a women's center in Ghouta.
The voices of Syrian women still in the country are infrequently part of the discussion when it comes to Syria. Join the conversation and ask questions directly to a group of women who work in besieged area of Damascus.
What's privacy anymore?
I and a lot of my fellow journalists felt queasy from the live footage of the inside of the apartment where the suspected San Bernardino shooters lived. In the context of news coverage and social media it can feel perfectly OK to know to much. In real life it is a different story.
A boy asks a question during PRI's forum on the refugee crisis at Macalester College on Oct. 29.
An overview of two events PRI produced as part of our SafeMode coverage in 2015.
Zena Agha's Syrian cousin died a year ago, when the boat he was on capsized on its way from Turkey to Greece. The 23-year-old Harvard student wrote this poem about the refugee crisis with him in her thoughts.
Mohamad Al Bardan
He's survived being shot at by police in his home country and now fears that life for him in the US will become more difficult following the Paris attacks.
I've traveled from New England to New York to Thailand to Vietnam to China’s southeast border to expose human trafficking routes and venues, and to bring attention to sex and labor exploitation. The Forum at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Tuesday took a closer look at this modern slave trade and its impact on public health worldwide, including in cities and rural communities across the USA.
South Africa Fees Must Fall
South Africa's president froze tuition hikes after violent confrontations between students and heavily armed police officers were broadcast live on national television. "The youth win!" one person responds on Twitter.
Suzan Boulad grew up in Sacramento, but was born in Syria. A few years ago, she traveled to Syria for protests. She lived through a frightening regime attack that has shaped her life in ways she never would have imagined.
A Palestinian teenager checks his Facebook account, keeping tabs on the back and forth violence between Palestinians and Israelis.
In the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, both sides use social media as armor — and ammo.
Refugees set up tents at the main port. They're hoping to get tickets for a ferry like this that will take them to Greece.
Earlier this summer, Syrians were the majority of people risking the journey to Europe, but now the makeup of the inflatable boats reaching the shores of the Lesbos has changed: Iraqis, Iranians and Bangladeshis are arriving in greater and greater numbers.