Students walking on the UCLA campus.
In the next few months, a decision is expected in a case involving Harvard University and alleged discrimination against Asian American student applicants. But the University of California system is also facing a similar lawsuit — with allegations that administrators are considering race in admissions even though California bans the practice. A scandal is also raising larger questions about merit in college admissions and who has unfair advantage.
Ugandan rapper Tshila
The 1998 album "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" helped change Sarah Tshila's direction in life. This Ugandan-born college graduate with a degree in computer science decided to become a musician.
A woman wearing headphones leans back on a settee staring at the ceiling in an artistic portrait
An alien named Micropixie and her human counterpart, Single Beige Female, use music to understand humanity.
A woman looks to the side.
Brandeis University has moved to ban caste-based discrimination in its own campus policy. Other universities may be following suit.
An man sits at a desk with a book and looks at the camera
Many Dalits say the kind of caste-based discrimination and violence that erupts in India also exist in the US.
An Indian woman in a sari and glasses and an Indian man in a suit and glasses sit for a portrait.
The writer's parents defied Hindu conventions by marrying in India outside their caste, but decades later, members of her father's upper caste promote sticking with tradition in America.
Several women in saris and a man laugh
Suraj Yengde, part of the Dalit or "Untouchable" caste in Hinduism, rose from a segregated slum in India to a fellowship at Harvard, collecting advanced degrees along the way.
Business-card advertisements for census 2020 jobs are pinned to a bulletin board
What’s keeping the federal government from identifying undocumented people who respond to a citizenship question on the census?
Shadow of patrolmen along slated wall at US border.
As of Feb. 21, Mexico had accepted 112 Central American asylum-seekers from the US, including 25 minors, according to Tonatiuh Guillén, head of Mexico’s immigration agency.
A portrait of a father wearing a pink shirt and his infant daughter who is wearing white.
A court injunction and presidential order last year were supposed to end the practice. But Border Patrol is still deciding to separate hundreds of families as new reports and Congressional hearings shed light on the controversial practice.