a barn in vermont
Vermont — a state with a declining, aging population and falling birth rates — is trying to be welcoming, but hasn’t quite figured out how to attract new, diverse residents.
There’s a short stretch of road in the “Little India” section of Jersey City bearing a name unfamiliar to most Americans.  But for some Indian Americans, Ambedkar Avenue is almost a pilgrimage spot, for it commemorates their greatest hero — and one with an American connection at that.
A group of Latina women in front of white boards pose for the camera
Latina Rebels want to take control of what it means to be a Latina in the US today. Using memes and Instagram stories, they are sparking debate about hot button issues, documenting their experiences and providing Latinx activists a platform to share their work.
A closeup photo of Rep. Ilhan Omar.
The cover could incite further hate crimes against the congresswoman and Muslim Americans at a time when Islamophobia is already on the rise, says community organizer Debbie Almontaser.
A man holds his face in his hands as two young boys lay on a bed
More and more aspiring immigrants — especially Mexicans — are being denied visas based on determinations by the US State Department that they might become "public charges" — even if they meet legal requirements to prove they will be financially independent.
US border patrol apprehending migrants
It’s unclear what the ruling means for the hundreds of asylum-seekers who were already sent back over the border to Mexico to await their hearings.
A woman is shown walking down a cement staircase in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The loss of Temporary Protected Status could be devastating for Haitians in the US and their loved ones back home, who are still struggling to recover almost 10 years after a massive earthquake.
Syrian refugee, Malik Alarmash, left, speaks with Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry, right, at the Refuge Coffee Shop in Clarkston, Georgia. Stephanie Steinbrecher with the Sierra Club, center, listens.
Climate scientists agree that storms and droughts are becoming more severe, and the trend is only going to continue. As people get displaced, they face a big question: rebuild or relocate? It’s a dilemma that many people across the globe are facing and will inevitably lead to more people on the move to places like Clarkston, Georgia.
A framed photo of a black man is held by a crowd with balloons.
The death of rapper Nipsey Hussle has sparked vigils in the Eritrean diaspora across the US and the world. For many, Hussle was more than just an artist, he was known for his investment in the community and bringing Eritrea into the limelight.
What’s the right way to address bullying of Muslim students in American schools? A drawn-out legal struggle in San Diego that asked that question has finally ended.