An Asian couple pushes a baby stroller on their way into a shopping mall.
Asians are the fastest growing demographic in the United States, but could risk being undercounted in the upcoming nationwide census. A Census Bureau study finds that Asian Americans are the least likely to complete their census questionnaires, putting some services at risk.
US President Donald Trump delivers remarks on immigration reform at a podium in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, May 16, 2019
In theory, yes. But the US would need to solve other, more pressing immigration problems before reaching a point where it could consider such a major shift.
A girl and a woman carry bags and have their back turned to the camera on a city street
New York has long had one of the most favorable immigration courts in the nation for asylum-seekers, but the number of immigrants who are denied asylum has nearly doubled, as compared to four years ago.
A man holds a boy on his lap.
Gov. Gavin Newsom's pardon of state convictions is widely interpreted as a rebuke to Trump administration policies.
barrier comic book
A bilingual comic book without translations exposed a political divide among the audience.
black and white photo of three women and a man standing on stage
Sixty years before today's “K-pop invasion,” the Kim Sisters, a Korean girl group, landed on US shores and rocketed to stardom — singing American hits before they even learned English.
Two students walk on a college campus
A recent scandal highlighted the unfairness of the admissions process at elite colleges. But there's another way that these selective universities are keeping out students without the "right" socioeconomic background — by accepting a very low number of students from community colleges.
A painter works on a mural of a school building
Beyond the internationally renowned art scene in Marfa, Texas, lives a reminder of America's history of segregated education for Mexican Americans.
A woman stands in front of a banner reading "End Family Detention"
Doctors inspecting detention centers found problems with recruiting and retaining qualified pediatricians and mental health care providers, and a lack of access to emergency and specialty care, given the remote locations of most of the facilities.
a barn in vermont
Vermont — a state with a declining, aging population and falling birth rates — is trying to be welcoming, but hasn’t quite figured out how to attract new, diverse residents.