People visit the Empty Sky Memorial
The economic fallout of the novel coronavirus pandemic will have wide-ranging consequences. In Southeast Asia, some fear it will increase trafficking and forced labor. Iraqi protesters are regrouping, even as the pandemic has hampered street demonstrations. And for many immigrants' families worldwide, remittences are a lifeline. Those payments are expected to plummet. A frozen pass in Norway holds secrets of the Viking era. Plus, this sourdough library is a quarantine baker's dream.
Sergio Armas, a Nicaraguan immigrant living in San Francisco, built an altar to the Virgin Mary in the corner of his yard after the coronavirus pandemic hit.
In normal times, millions of small financial transactions take place daily worldwide when immigrants wire a portion of their earnings to loved ones back home. This year, the economic crisis is wrecking that cash flow.
Senator Bernie Sanders speaks as former Vice President Joe Biden reacts during the ninth Democratic 2020 U.S. Presidential candidates debate at the Paris Theater in Las Vegas Nevada, on Feb. 19, 2020.
Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders had been a hugely popular candidate among young people and Latinos. Recent polls suggest Latino voters are not confident Biden is the right person for the job — at least, not yet.
A student carries her bags in front of a sign for the University of Dayton
More than a month after the coronavirus pandemic shut down US universities, international students continue to face uncertainty over what the coming school year will look like — some aren't sure if they would be able to come back to campus. What kind of financial hit could US universities expect if there's a drop in enrollment among international students?
A woman in a mask and gloves holds a sign reading "immigrants are essential NWDC is not"
Professor Erika Lee speaks with The World's Marco Werman about how the US has responded with changes to immigration policy and increased xenophobia during times of war, economic hardship and disease throughout history.
Two novels translated into English this spring show the broad landscape of Mexican literature today.
Two novels published in English this spring show the broad landscape of Mexican literature today.
Izcan Ordaz, an 18-year-old high school senior in Fort Worth, Texas, poses for a photo while walking down steps wearing a navy blue Ralph Lauren polo.
Until coronavirus hit, one Texas teen says he was primarily concerned with the cost of college and student loans. Now, he's far more worried about the US economy and job insecurity — especially as the November presidential nears.
A Black man in a suit stands by a Range Rover holding a book
Pioneering radio broadcaster Gil Bailey, known as the Godfather of Reggae Radio, died Monday of COVID-19.
A screenshot of a livestream
There’s a massive effort underway to help thousands of Indians on visas in the US who can’t return to India.
A healthcare worker walks outside the DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital
Some 1,600 nurses in Ontario cross the border every day to work in the US, but the pandemic could change that. As the number of novel coronavirus cases grows in Michigan, some officials in Ontario are calling for restrictions on where these nurses can work.