A boy sits with his back to the camera, wearing a baseball cap
As it gets harder to for immigrants to seek asylum in the US, follow the story of a 15-year-old boy trying to reunite with his mother.
Alicia Cruz, in the center of the photograph, is shown wearing a jean jacket and putting her left hand on the shoulder of the woman next to her.
Two psychotherapists from San Francisco put their skills to use in an unlikely place: a San Antonio bus station where newly arrived migrants were being released by ICE, with few resources.
A boy looks through the slats of the US-Mexico border fence at Friendship Park in Tijuana, Mexico.
A new policy that forces people to wait in Mexico as their US asylum claims are decided has raised questions about where the migrants will live, whether they will be safe and how they can manage high-stakes asylum cases while living in another country. The rollout has been chaotic and confusing.
A group of Chinese students walking.
The US is still the number one destination for many Chinese international students. But a recent incident at Duke University over students speaking Chinese has some colleges worried that the US is gaining a reputation for being unwelcoming.
A young woman in a hijab shows her phone screen to another young woman whose back is turned to the camera. On the phone is Donald Trump.
In Trump's 2018 address, he outlined a four-pillar plan for immigration reform. Since the speech, he's focused on funding for a border wall, which caused the stalemate and the longest government shutdown in US history.
Black and white image of several people and a horse standing in front of teepees. A dog howls in the mid-foreground.
Indigenous Crees lived in the northern Plains long before the US-Canada border divided the region. But bisected by the line and labeled “foreign” Indians in the US, Cree were denied basic necessities, work — and eventually, even the right to stay in the country.
A young man sits at a table and talks with his mother.
It is not easy to get a college degree as a working, single mom – and it can be close to impossible if you are undocumented. One immigrant mom in Arizona was able to put her family on a path to college once they got legal status.
A close-up of a jar of pikliz.
The spicy pickled medley of shredded cabbage and carrots is ubiquitous to Haitian cuisine. But in South Florida, its popularity has spread well beyond the Haitian community.
A crowd wearing yellow, blue and red of the Venezuelan flag hold signs and protest. One man in the center has his fist raised above his head.
Florida is home to more than 200,000 Venezuelan immigrants. Lawmakers have introduced legislation in Congress to give Venezuelans temporary status in the United States.
A slatted metal prototypes of a border wall is shown, photographed through the border wall in Tijuana, Mexico.
Despite signing an executive order for the wall on Jan. 25, 2017, there’s been no construction or funding on the project. What has happened in the last two years?