President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jackie, are seated with Lady Bird and Vice President Lyndon Johnson at League of Latin American Citizen's (LULAC) dinner in Houston, Nov. 21, 1963.
In his 1960 bid for the White House, John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign wooed Latinos, who were largely ignored by other candidates. He was early in recognizing Latino voters as a growing force in American politics.
Voter registration
The 2020 presidential election could be the first time Latinos are the largest minority group in the electorate. Young Latinos could swing the outcome — if they come out to vote.
The building of the US Supreme Court is pictured in Washington, DC, Jan. 19, 2020.
The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision has sown widespread confusion among would-be green card applicants. Immigration advocates are concerned that it will prevent immigrant families — and their US citizen children — from accessing government programs for which they are eligible.
(L) The cover of "American Dirt" and (R) author Jeanine Cummins.
The controversy centers around who gets to tell a story, and the people who get to make that decision in America’s book publishing industry.
Five people pose for a photo with music instruments.
The World's Marco Werman speaks with Kevin Hamilton and Clay Ross from Gullah music ensemble "Ranky Tanky."
Marta Duque
Staggering hyperinflation and political chaos have forced millions of Venezuelans to flee their country. The majority of them escape by crossing Venezuela’s border with Colombia on foot. Most migrants hope to find work in major South American cities like Bogotá or Lima, but those cities are hundreds of miles away. So, if the migrants can’t afford a bus ticket, they walk.
A security sign at Logan International Airport
The detention and removal of Iranian student Shahab Dehghani from the US at Boston's Logan International Airport drew outrage Tuesday. Immigration lawyers and activists say Dehghani’s case is just one of several examples of how Iranian nationals, especially students, have been subject to aggressive screening at US ports of entry, even if they have valid documents to enter the country.
The Spanish-language advertisement from the Census Bureau features Latinos of all walks of life explaining why an accurate census count matters for them and their communities. 
Census Bureau ads promise viewers their personal information is protected and won't be shared with law enforcement. But after a high-profile legal battle over the citizenship question that stoked fears among immigrant communities, advocates say it's too little, too late.
A man wearing a hat plays a guitar
The World's host Marco Werman interviews Grammy-nominated musician J.S. Ondara.
Sandra Morales speaks at Dec. 19 action in front of Member of Parliament Bardish Chagger’s office.
Since the 2016 election, Canada has seen a rise in requests for asylum from mixed-nationality families with US-citizen children. For those rejected, deportation threatens to separate them.