sinks where migrant children allegedly bathed in Phoenix
A defense contractor that held immigrant children overnight in a Phoenix office building operates a second office nearby where a neighbor has seen immigrant children bathing themselves in bathroom sinks.
Woman in church holding book and singing
Some Christians are distancing themselves from the term “evangelical” even if their beliefs remain unchanged.
People stand on side of road in front of trees holding signs; one reads "Shut Down Berks"
Advocates say the state is turning a blind eye to violations of state law by allowing the Berks County Residential Center to remain in operation.
Demonstrators gather at a "Free Our Future" march
Sandy González-García and her mother Angélica were separated for 55 days. Back together now, they still have a lot to work out about their new lives in the US.
Man in protective gear points large gun at man holding a toddler, at close range. Toddler is screaming.
Photographer Alan Díaz died on Tuesday at age 71. His 2000 image of the Cuban boy Elián González being taken by force from his American relatives endures.
Overhead view of congregation in pews, while woman stands at podium speaking
The New Sanctuary Coalition has been training people to accompany immigrants to check-ins and court dates for 11 years. Since Trump took office, they’re volunteer base is growing.
Letter from US government in focus, being held up by a man who is out of focus behind it
The demand for interpreters is on the rise, especially since children have been separated from their parents at the southern border.
Man stands on pile of rubble
Some Yemenis living in the US were waiting to learn whether they’ll be deported back home to an active war zone. Trump administration officials had until July 5 to decide and made their announcement that morning.
Close-up photo of man's hand, holding US flag, papers and envelope with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services logo
Revoking someone’s US citizenship is rare. But the Trump administration is making it a priority to investigate thousands of records of naturalized citizens in order to find fraudulent cases.
Migrant children outside playing on a playground at Casa Combes, a shelter for migrant kids in Harlingen, Texas. Photographed on June 23, 2018.
A court ordered the government to reunite families within one month, or 14 days for cases involving children under 5. But with parents and children split and put on different, complex tracks, that might prove challenging.