A man talks into a microphone
This newly elected president of Somalia was the subject of our 2011 Geo Quiz. In this interview, he was back in Buffalo working as a civil servant after a stint in his home country as a prime minister.
Change in immigration policy allows illegal immigrants without criminal records to stay in the US and apply for a work permit.
A group of 150 church leaders intend to break Alabama's new immigration law, saying it interferes with their mission as Christians.
Thousands of Nepalese live in refugee camps in Nepal because they insist they are Bhutanese, but the Bhutanese government disagrees.
Is it human nature to distrust people unlike ourselves?
After they've been deported, immigrants struggle to readjust to their home country.
Some city officials are questioning whether they can accept any more refugees, given limited budgets.
Illinois and Connecticut join 11 other states that will offer lower in-state tuition for undocumented students this summer.