Wednesday is the day that young illegal immigrants can start applying for a new Obama administration program that makes them eligible for work permits and protects them from deportation.
Thousands of refugees from around the world have settled in Aurora, Colorado, and the massacre has some of them questioning their safety in the new land they call home.
Chinatowns throughout North America have long been places for Chinese migrants to find familiar surroundings and safety in a new country. But today, the beacon of Chinatown is starting to burn a little less bright.
Charlie Garcia came to the US illegally and married an American citizen. Then the Salvadoran decided to try to become legal. He went back to El Salvador to file his paperwork, as required. He was killed there, waiting for his paperwork to come through.
In November, Minnesota voters will decide on a proposed constitutional amendment that reinforces the state's ban on same-sex marriage. The upcoming election has forced many Somali immigrants to come to terms with their beliefs on gay marriage, an issue many consider taboo.
When it comes to H1-B visas, the visas that are supposed to be reserved for bringing the world's best and brightest to the United States, to do jobs that would otherwise go undone, there may be a problems. Turns out, most of the H1-B visas go to companies that exist to take U.S. jobs and move them overseas.
Filipinos comprise the second largest group of Asian immigrants in the United States, second only to the Chinese. Yet, despite their numbers, Filipino-Americans haven't achieved much success in the halls of political power.
U.S. deportations have reached record-breaking levels. Boston College Law Professor Daniel Kanstroom believes the deportations are ineffective and that America's immigration policy needs comprehensive reform to avoid hurting legal U.S. citizens and residents.
Artist and nanny Ramiro Gomez paints life size cardboard cut-outs of housekeepers, landscapers and gardeners to pay homage to the hidden workers behind LA’s wealthiest neighborhoods.
Shera Bechard, a Playmate and actress, has made headlines for obtaining an O-1 work visa allowing her to come to the US from her native Canada.