Mexico's president-elect says he wants to refocus the US-Mexico relationship on trade, rather than security.
A growing number of young people from Mexico and Central America are entering the US without documentation and without parents.
Massachusetts becomes the latest state to tell undocumented immigrants meeting certain criteria that they will be eligible for in-state tuition under the same guidelines as documented Massachusetts residents.
Many Americans with family roots elsewhere in the world celebrate Thanksgiving meals that don't include turkey or cranberry sauce.
Lena Ibrahim, a Palestinian-American, is watching the unfolding crisis between Israel and Hamas with alarm. She has friends who still live in Gaza and as the death toll mounts, she's worried about their safety.
Somewhere Between seeks to tell the story of the 80,000 girls adopted from Chinese families over the past 25 years. What feelings do they have as they manage their quest to understand what their roots are, and how that culture meshes with the culture they grew up in, here in the United States.
In Tuesday's elections, in New York City, Bengali voters were supposed to get ballots in their old language. That didn't happen, and advocates for immigrants say that's not fair.
In New York and New Jersey, piecing back together the communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy will be a daunting task. And who will do the hard work? History suggests immigrants are likely to play a major role.
Officials in New York and New Jersey are doing their best to make sure people in areas hit hard by Sandy can vote Tuesday. But some immigrant residents on a tight budget might not want to use precious gasoline to get to the polls.
How much does it cost to produce a barrel of oil? Ask an oilman and he'll likely give you a dollar amount. Ask somebody who studies biophysical economics, which combines the disciplines of biology and economics, and you'll get a more nuanced response.