John Harold hired jobless Americans to help on his farm, and says they proved to be less reliable and less willing to perform the hard work than foreign workers.
American-born children of undocumented residents are living in fear of their parents' deportation as Alabama's new immigration law takes effect.
The GOP's stance on immigration reform have turned away Latino voters in previous presidential elections, but in 2012, the Republican Party has the opportunity to woo them back.
Fargo, North Dakota, is learning about its new refugee population, and how to help them with language, culture and climate challenges.
In Fargo, North Dakota adult refugees are having trouble learning English. Their kids are not. This is creating major problems in the family dynamic, problems that local North Dakotans are trying to correct with language learning software.
A new policy that would suspend the deportation of undocumented immigrants who don't pose a threat to public safety is still in works.
Immigration rights activists say some of Colorado's immigrant sheep herders are being exploited by ranchers who deny them medical care and pay unfair wages.
The World Trade Center drew workers from all over the world. A particularly diverse group was to be found at the 'Windows on the World' restaurant.
Some Republicans want to give the Department of Homeland Security blanket authority to waive environmental laws on all public lands within 100 miles of any US border.
Marco Werman talks with retired doctor Hussein Senussi in Tripoli, and his son Nizar in Chicago.