On the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest single day in American history, we explore the role of immigrants in the battle, and the Civil War. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with history blogger and immigrants' advocate Patrick Young.
To carry the key swing state of Colorado, it's critical for the president to court Latino immigrants. What he really needs to most convince them to do, however, is vote. The World's Jason Margolis has more.
Some school districts in New Mexico have been educating students from across the Mexican border for decades. These kids are US citizens living in Mexico. But some critics say the practice should stop because of the expense and because of the drug war.
As the American population ages, more Americans are in need of some degree of in-home care and assistance. Many of those willing to do the hard work an unpleasant tasks are immigrants. But for all of these caregivers, there's a big hole in their compensation. Whether they're sick or in need of medical care, they can't take time off — not only endangering themselves but those they care for as well.
Millions of Americans will be voting in languages other than English this November. It may be the law, but many counties and states don't comply and at a Republican presidential debate in January, Mitt Romney spoke out against bilingual ballots.
Immigration policy continues to be a thorny issue for Republicans hoping to project unity this week, says Valeria Fernández, a correspondent from the journalism project Feet in 2 Worlds.
The Rio Grande Valley in Texas has no abortion providers for women past their 16th week of pregnancy. For them, a trip to San Antonio is required, but that requires passing a law enforcement checkpoint. And for undocumented immigrants, that's often a non-starter.
Wednesday is the day that young illegal immigrants can start applying for a new Obama administration program that makes them eligible for work permits and protects them from deportation.
Thousands of refugees from around the world have settled in Aurora, Colorado, and the massacre has some of them questioning their safety in the new land they call home.
Chinatowns throughout North America have long been places for Chinese migrants to find familiar surroundings and safety in a new country. But today, the beacon of Chinatown is starting to burn a little less bright.